Fishing Rodeo set for Enid

By Daily Journal

The Visitor Education Center at Enid will host the annual MDWFP youth fishing rodeo on Saturday.
Registration begins at 7 a.m. and continues until 10 a.m. This free event is for youth ages 15 and younger. The VEC pond will be stocked with catfish for this youth activity.
Young anglers should bring their own fishing equipment and bait along with a container to take their catch home. Food will be served and prizes will be awarded.
The VEC is part of the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks, North Mississippi Fish Hatchery and is located at Exit 233 east off I-55.
Mississippi alligator roams 30 miles into Louisiana
Louisiana game officials recently trapped a problem alligator that had previously been identified in Mississippi.
While there was nothing illegal or unusual about the nuisance alligator complaint, the LDWF agent alligator trapper noticed some tags located in the alligator tail and on its hind feet. The tags were identified as those attached to alligators in Mississippi as part of a monitoring project being conducted by MDWFP.
It is not uncommon for adult male alligators to travel substantial distances, particularly during the breeding season of late April and May. However, traveling distances over 10 miles is very uncommon.
It is likely that White 4 navigated over 44 miles of water during his venture to Lake Providence, La.
Additionally, a 46-inch alligator tagged by the LDWF in 1996 was captured in Mississippi, near Eagle Lake in 2008, after growing to 11 feet 5 inches. It had also traveled over 30 miles since its original capture in Louisiana.
Documentation of these occurrences assists MDWFP in managing Mississippi’s alligator population.
Daily Journal, wire reports

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