JOHN L. PITTS: Five weeks will tell SEC’s tale




There are five Saturdays in November, which means five more weekends for the SEC football season to sort itself out.

Most folks seem to have Alabama penciled in as one half of the national championship game equation, with a video-game offensive team like Oregon or Baylor on the other side. That would be fun.

The Crimson Tide still has a couple of big roadblocks to clear, though, with a home game against LSU next weekend and the Iron Bowl game at Auburn on Nov. 30.

You see anybody in the SEC East that can beat Bama? Me neither.

I bet Nick Saban is happy that the last regular-season game is on the road, where it’s easier for him to keep his team focused.

During the summer, I was warning folks that Auburn and Arkansas wouldn’t roll over and play dead this season for new head coaches. I was half right about that, as Auburn’s dramatic turnaround is the biggest storyline in the SEC West this season.

An Iron Bowl victory for Auburn would throw the national championship picture into chaos, and probably leave Archie Manning and rest of the College Football Playoff panel happy that they don’t have to get to work until next season.

A fading Arkansas team is the one common opponent remaining this season for Ole Miss (Nov. 9 at home) and MSU (Nov. 23 on the road).

The final weekend of the SEC’s regular season gets off to an early start with the Thanksgiving night Battle for the Golden Egg in Starkville.

Ole Miss hopes to be on a five-game winning streak and playing for better bowl position. MSU may be playing for its bowl life that night.

Stay tuned.

Random thoughts

• Baseball would be lots more interesting if celebrities had to throw the real first pitch. “Tony, we were in trouble as soon as Katy Perry hit the leadoff man.”

• Lee County scanner call over the weekend said it “appears a woman is burning a man’s clothes on an outdoor grill.” There’s a dandy story there, I bet.

• “Hey, is Nick Mullens related to Dan Mullens? I’ll hang up and listen.”

• One of our cats obstructed my path the other morning, so I won.

John L. Pitts ( is sports editor of the Daily Journal.

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