JOHN L. PITTS: Football efforts add up




We’re getting close to the end of another high school football season, with just nine area teams in MHSAA action this Friday night.

In the past 13 weeks, we’ve sent reporters to more than 120 games, where they have filed what I’d conservatively estimate at about 40,000 words on a very tight deadline about our area high school teams. Also, our loyal group of call-takers have staffed the office phones for at least 175 more call-ins of game results.

Our photographers, meanwhile, have raced to more than three dozen games, filing a couple hundred pictures. We choose only a few and always wish we had room for many more.

How many player names do we print during football season? A thousand, maybe. And we get almost all of them right.

For about three hours on Friday nights, from 9 p.m. to a little before midnight, it’s a kind of controlled chaos.

As always, we’re grateful to those schools that call quickly after games end, win or lose. And we appreciate the patience of those coaches we sometimes have to track down after games to get results.

And, honestly, we continue to be puzzled at a handful of coaches who don’t want to take the time to be helpful. Even if your team loses 28-7, we think it’s important that the name of the person who scored that one touchdown gets in the paper.

Random thoughts

• Northern Illinois is unbeaten (10-0) and yet a little overrated at No. 20, but elusive QB Jordan Lynch is a remarkable talent.

You can get a look at him tonight at 7 when the Huskies play Toledo on ESPN2. Check him out for a few minutes. He’s sure to deliver a handful of “wow” moments.

• A former colleague of mine objects to the common trivializing of the word “miracle.” She’s right – turning water into wine is a miracle, while failing to knock down a deep pass the way you were taught in practice is just a mistake.

• I try to bring home the bacon, but I keep eating it before I get there.

• A black dog sniffed my cat at the vet’s office. I guess that counts as a Lab test. Or was it a Cat scan?

John L. Pitts ( is sports editor of the Journal. He shares more random thoughts on Twitter at @johnlpitts.

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