JOHN L. PITTS: We’re just getting warmed up




I always think of football season as being the time of year when the Daily Journal sports department is at its busiest, but I seem to forget about the spring until it gets here.

It comes around every year, of course. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and more forgetful.

Fact is, this is the only time of year that all three of the major sports are really in play.

It’s still basketball season – for the state’s high schools, through the end of this week, plus the SEC men’s tournament starting today and rolling right into Selection Sunday. Then March Madness begins for real.

(Yes, that means the NCAA tournament bracket will be in Monday’s paper. I don’t know if it will help you win a billion dollars, but it couldn’t hurt.)

Baseball? The colleges will start SEC play this weekend, high schools have been playing for a couple of weeks and the major leagues are in spring training.

When the phone rings in our office, it might be baseball, or softball, or golf or maybe it’s tennis. Seems like it could be soccer, too, but that’s a topic for another day.

Football is even in play this time of year. If you don’t think spring practice for college football matters, just wait until your quarterback hurts his shoulder in early April. Then it matters.

It’s a lot to keep up with, and I haven’t mentioned track and field or the area’s big running events, like the Gumtree 10k.

I’m just glad it’s finally warming up. Let’s play.

Random thoughts

• My favorite moment from the Clippers’ 48-point win over the Lakers last week was when they did that trick with the water bucket that’s actually full of confetti. Gets me every time.

• You have to give Barney Google credit. Beloved cartoon character goes on to invent a great search engine despite his goo-goo-googly eyes.

• The movie “Escape From New York” is set in 1997. I’m not prepared to say that John Carpenter missed it by more than 20 years

• Spelling “Krzyzewski” is why cut-and-paste was invented.

John L. Pitts ( is sports editor of the Journal. He shares more thoughts on Twitter @johnlpitts

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