JOHN L. PITTS: Let’s play ball, operators are waiting

By John L. Pitts/NEMS Daily Journal

My wife is excited because what she calls “high school marching band season” starts tonight.
There will also be some football.
The games all kick off tonight at 7:30, but it’ll be about 10 p.m. when things really start getting lively in the Daily Journal office.
At that point, we have about two hours to gather all the scores from area games, write and edit the stories, pick out the best photographs – and there are always plenty of good ones to choose from – and get ready for the press to roll.
And as an old newspaper guy always told me, “the best newspaper in the world is no good if the press doesn’t start on time.”
While we might attend six or seven games on a given night, there are maybe two dozen other games where we need help from the teams to get the proper results in the newspaper.
I was gratified on Wednesday when the fine folks at Alcorn County High School called to find out what we needed from them on Friday nights. Such calls are rare and deserve a shoutout.
Here’s a version of what I said: Call in promptly when your game is over. And because we follow lots of games on Twitter, we WILL know when your game is over.
(The undisputed champs at calling in quickly: Lafayette. And they went 16-0 and won a state title last season. Coincidence? Maybe not.)
Be prepared to tell us the score by quarters, who scored – with names for both teams! – and the type and distance of every scoring play.
It’s a courtesy for the home team to call, but we don’t mind if visiting teams call, too, just to make sure.
Our phone numbers haven’t changed: 678-1601 or, if you’re out of town, 1-800-270-2612, extension 601. As they say on TV, operators are standing by.
John Pitts ( is sports editor of the Journal.

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