JOHN L. PITTS: Skunk tale turns out to be sweet

John L PittsCORINTH – The oldest thing on the DVR at our house – older than the leftover Walking Dead episodes or that Brad Pitt movie my wife and I have never finished – is a brief snippet from Aug. 25 of last year.

It features a shaky smartphone video, a little better than that classic clip that’s supposed to prove that Bigfoot exists.

It’s a skunk darting around at a high school football game, Booneville vs. Baldwyn.

Other folks shot video at the game, but it was a clip from our Brandon Speck, posted to our website, that made ESPN’s SportsCenter that night. It got into strong rotation that night and early Saturday as the No. 1 pick on the

“Friday Night Funnies.”

When I checked YouTube on Tuesday morning, Brandon’s 28-second video clip had gotten more than 85,000 views in the past year.

With Booneville and Baldwyn playing this Thursday night, the “Skunk Bowl” is a thing. There will be a trophy for the winner, and I bet at least one person will show up in a skunk costume.

We get so caught up in all the serious stuff – legal actions, PEDs, who gets paid what, whether Johnny Football got paid at all – that we sometimes lose sight of the fun part of sports.

If it takes a skunk darting around the sidelines to remind us – and, no, Brandon did not smuggle the skunk into the game – then that’s a good thing.

Random thoughts
• You’ll see a big change in our GameDay section, which publishes Thursday of this week because of the Ole Miss-Vanderbilt opener. It will be included as part of an expanded Sports section rather than being a separate tabloid section. We’re excited about the possibilities.

• There’s talk of moving all the nation’s nuclear waste to Mississippi. I think any state with colleges in a league that’s won a football national championship should be ineligible for that honor. Your move, Nevada.

• Sometimes I drive over to the Renasant Center for Ideas in Tupelo and sit quietly outside, waiting for the ideas to come.

• You’ve got it all wrong – Ben Affleck has been signed to star in a movie about infamous Cubs fan Steve Bartman. Not Batman … Bartman.

• I love my home state of Tennessee, but calling the first week of high school football “Week Zero” is just plain silly.

John L. Pitts ( is sports editor of the Journal.

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