Katie Garvin has no regrets

By nemccathletics.com

BOONEVILLE – An old adage says, “Hindsight is 20-20.” That statement could not be more correct for sophomore Lady Tiger sophomore Katie Garvin.

Garvin decided to take a full year off away from basketball between her high school and college playing days.

However, Garvin agrees the decision has been one of the best that she could have made.

“My first year here, I didn’t play,” Garvin said. “I signed and then I decided that it was not what I wanted to do – looking back at it I think it was the best decision for me.”

Garvin decided to follow in her father’s footsteps of playing at Northeast after getting adjusted to college life.

“My dad was a basketball player,” Garvin said of her father Russ. “He played at Northeast for a semester so I guess I was born with a ball in my hands…it was something that we all did well.”

Whether it was the competitive nature of having parents that played sports or just enjoying the camaraderie that sports brings, Garvin knows that she would not be where she is at today without basketball.

Garvin hails from in-district school Kossuth High School in Alcorn County so her decision to play here over other schools was an easy choice.

Garvin is close enough that she could go home in as little as 15-30 minutes and have the benefit of playing with other Lady Tiger athletes that she has played with all her life.

“I get to go home to mom’s cooking pretty often so that is nice,” Garvin said. “I played with Kiki (Gwyn) for four years in high school – she was my point guard for all four years.”

Garvin did not play her freshman year because of personal reasons but she has no regrets about her choice.

“I think it was a good decision – I don’t know if it helped or hurt – but I think it was the best decision for me,” Garvin said.

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