KEVIN TATE: Four-wheeling enterprise a neat way to participate in passion

Most of us dream, at one time or another, of combining our outdoor avocation with our everyday job in a way that works out well for both endeavors. For Sonny Jameson of West Point, his business has done just that.
Adventure ATV, the off-road vehicle store Jameson launched 11 years ago, has allowed for the effective, seamless combination of one man’s hobbies and professions. A farmer since 1978 and a recreational real estate representative for many years as well, the launching of the ATV business was an event Jameson says happened “by accident,” but it’s turned out to be a happy one indeed, and one that’s thrived at the crossroads of his other two concerns.
“I’ve farmed all my life and, as a result, I’ve spent a lot of time working on the mechanisms and motors of farm implements,” he said. “I’ve used ATVs for years in farming and, when I was trying to recruit a friend of mine to move his ATV business from Columbus to West Point, he said he was too old and talked me into buying it and moving it here myself.”
Jameson says Adventure ATV has been an enjoyable adventure itself because of a number of elements. It combines the essence of the passion of the outdoors through both work and recreation by selling, maintaining and repairing the vehicles farmers, hunters and outdoorsmen have come to rely on as partners in their pursuits.
“You meet people who own land and are ATV users and outdoorsmen, people I identify with, people I enjoy being around,” he said. Second, and more importantly, the team he works with is excellent at what it does, which makes coming to work fun.
“Keither Hindman is our general manager, and he just has a passion for this business,” Jameson said. “He’s been in it more than 20 years. Rodney White is our shop foreman and head mechanic. He’s one of the smartest and most mechanically-talented people I’ve ever met. The rest of the staff is a good, close-knit group that is good at and enjoys what they do.We all share a single goal, which is to make the customer happy. It’s important that we always let the customer know his value through service after the sale. It’s our constant charge to make them happy.”
For Jameson and his crew, happiness has long been an outdoors job well done.

Kevin Tate is VP of Media Production for Mossy Oak in West Point.

Kevin Tate/Outdoors Writer

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