LOGAN LOWERY: Save your money for Omaha instead




For any Ole Miss fans still on the fence on whether to attend the Lafayette Super Regional this weekend, my advice is to stay home and watch it on television.

Save your money and vacation days, because if the Rebels are able to make their first trip to the College World Series since 1972, you’re going to need both. And I would know – last year I was in Omaha for 13 days to cover five Mississippi State games.

Having just spent six days in Lafayette, La., covering the Bulldogs, I can tell you it’s an experience that I hope not to repeat anytime soon.

I’ll spare you the details of the struggles I encountered just simply trying to do my job there. I have already warned my counterpart Parrish Alford and our photographer Thomas Wells what to expect (and not expect) in those areas.

On the field, Louisiana-Lafayette is the most complete club I’ve covered this season and is very deserving of its No. 1 national ranking.

However, my experience during last week’s regional was hands down the worst of any of the eight I have covered in my career. It made me question if the NCAA’s policy to grant a host site should be based on performance alone.

M.L. “Tigue” Moore Field has a listed capacity of 3,755, although 3,920 attended Monday’s regional championship game. Most of those seats will be awarded to ULL season ticket-holders and only a small portion of bleacher seats will be allotted to Rebels fans a few minutes before the first pitch.

If you are fortunate enough to get your hands on grandstand seats, make sure you go to the restroom and concession stand prior to the first pitch, because once you’re wedged in it’s very difficult to leave.

The Ragin’ Cajun fan base is a passionate group but became very volatile towards the MSU gathering as the regional progressed. I suspect Ole Miss fans will feel their wrath as the first “Hotty Toddy” cheer breaks out. Bulldog fans attempted an “S-E-C” chant once which sent the home crowd into a frenzy so I wouldn’t suggest that route, either.

As for the city, the one thing they did get right was the food.

I ate extremely well there with some of the best Cajun dishes I’ve ever tasted.

However, should you choose not to heed my warning to stay away be sure to pack your GPS. The street layout in Lafayette was either designed by an alcoholic or a psychopath. Maybe both.

Some of the highlights from my trip included a bum knocking on my window in line at a drive-thru begging for money, a man practicing turkey calls in the hotel parking lot at 11 p.m. and also a woman dancing and shaking her ample posterior to the hum of an ice cream machine.

To Parrish and Thomas, I wish the best of luck and send my condolences in advance. And to the Rebel fans, you’ve been warned.

Logan Lowery (Logan.Lowery@jounalinc.com) covers Mississippi State for the Daily Journal. He blogs daily at InsideMSUSports.com

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  • CAM

    I admit the streets are most confusing but it sounds to me like you have a stick up your butt and don’t know how wonderful the citizens of Lafayette are. I will never accept your apologies. Your pathetic

  • Pete McCall

    You are so right. The Dairy Queen is really hard to find outside of town past the mall.

  • Mac Mo

    He has one thing right ..traffic/road design is poor. Lafayette’s Food is great, the people are great. Good thing we are a notch above the 50th state in the union in almost everything except obesity. Ya’ll come back now, yar hear. Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!..Geaux Cajuns!

  • msudawgs64

    Now why knock Lafayette? It is a wonderful city with great food and great people. So the Ragin’ Cajun fans got volatile towards State fans, have you never been to an opposing teams stadium before? Did you think you were going to a chess match? Of course what does volatile mean to you? Was there fights in the stands and stuff or just the home crowd having a good time watching their very good team win their regional. The SEC chant itself by our fans was a bit odd being that ULL was beating us. I don’t recall one time where we ever had a lead so yeah, I would be ready to call you out if you wanted to come into my house and start that stupid chant. Personally I think your article is crap and as a State fan I am embarrassed you even cover State athletics. You also assume that Ole Miss is even going to get to Omaha, how very presumptuous of you. ULL in three games, bank on it.

  • rubenlogan

    If those are your standards for judging a city… my friend you need to live life a little more. Weak Sauce.

  • TKDawg

    I am so embarrassed that you cover MSU sports for the Daily Journal. I agree with everything that “msudawgs64” said … and the main thing that bugs me is that you wrote an article directed toward OM fans all the while assuming they will be punching their ticket to Omaha. Why does this even matter to the guy who covers MSU SPORTS?????????? Surely there was something positive you could have been writing about our Dawgs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a matter of fact, I KNOW there were many things you could have been concentrating on instead of writing this piece of garbage. Here’s hoping you are made to apologize to us all. This is ridiculous.

  • Mike

    If the Rebs don’t make Omaha like the author seems to assume they will, they can at least hang a 2014 Oxford Regional champs banner next to their 2003 SEC Co-Western Division banner at the football stadium.

  • Richard Head

    “Bum knocking on my window in line at a drive-thru begging for money.”

    Because that happens nowhere else. Sour grapes State lost.
    “msudawgs64…this guy nailed it. Class Act MSUDawg!

  • Mamie Hoffpauir Russo

    Logan, I am not a great writer, not because I’m a coon-ass from lafayette, because I chose not to be but need to try to express my opinion to what you wrote. I have been a cajun fan for as long as I can remember and never have I experienced the situation at hand, other than at one other school I shall not address. My husband and I are big supporters and sponsors and we love to get out and enjoy great baseball or any other sport we chose to watch. Never have we been considered rude or obnoxious. In fact people say we are some of the nicest people here or at visiting campus. Just like at any other campus, you will get people who come in just at the end for the glory, never been to a game before and think now they need to be a part of the victory. You can not compare the whole city, fans or team to these few idiots that come in and start trouble. You were here on one bad weekend with some things you did not like but can you honestly say this has never happened to you before or at you campus during some sort of sporting event? I would have to say no. We are very loyal to our team and yes the chant of sec did rub us wrong because we have never had a team come in and start something. Please ask all the sbc teams and see if they have ever had a complaint against us or ask Alabama which is in the sec and see if their experience here was horriblr. It’s not fair to judge everyone when a few people pissed you off. Also in every town or city there is a bad side. We have some of the most historic tours and land in the country. Im not trying to change your mind but am.asking for a fair chance. I apologize for the rudeness you may of in countered but know that A TRUE RAGIN CAJUN would not act like this. Sorry for being long winded

  • Jeff

    I was staying in Bora Bora once and the guy in the hotel lobby was being extremely loud. Bora Bora sucks!