Marathon Makeover update: Embarking on a new kind of race

Editor’s note: Journal Interactive editor Todd Vinyard has been providing updates on Tupelo’s Marathon Makeover program:
Sorry, I haven’t had an update in while, but since resting up from the half marathon I’ve had a tough decision to make. I knew when I started the 40-week Marathon Makeover journey it was the right thing to do to improve my fitness and it has been much better than I expected.
However, my wife and I are on another great 40-week journey that means I will not be continuing as a participant with the team in the Marathon Makeover program. She is pregnant with our second child.
My wife has put up with a lot over the years, and I did way better than I deserved in the marriage department. We’ve moved for jobs and there have been lots of time when my work has meant time away from her and time she’s had to watch over our son alone. Johanna has always been supportive and she was again with the Marathon Makeover.
My wife and I talked about it and ways it might work. But with a due date around the time of the Marathon it seemed like time to take a different path on this journey.
I’m going to keep in touch with the folks who I met in Marathon Makeover and start telling you their stories on the way to the Marathon in October. I’m impressed with all of them and wish Team Tupelo good luck. I’m starting to follow the program again on my own and will continue through October.
I can’t say enough good things about the coaches, Nathan Hall and Bryan Miller. They deserve a lot of credit for bringing this great program to the area.
If you had told me a year ago I would have run a 5K, 10K and half marathon, I would have laughed and shook my head. No way. Not me. But thanks to the Marathon Makeover program I have. I really miss the Saturday runs in Tupelo and hope to make one of those again in the future as my schedule allows.
The Marathon Makeover program continues until October and the group continues putting in the miles. It is up to 18! Congrats to all taking part. I’ll have another update in September on those taking part and plenty more in October ahead of the Marathon in Madison. I’m starting again on my own this week, so drop by the blog and offer some support.
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Todd Vinyard/Journal Interactive

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