MARK BEASON: Resolving to spend more time … and less money

This time of year, making resolutions seems to be the thing to do. People make bold statements of change for the upcoming new year for an annual opportunity to improve.

I'm not about to go on a diet and I'm content with all of my vices, so my new year's resolution are mere selfish ways to making life more enjoyable. After much thought and debate, my list has been narrowed down to five goals for the upcoming year.

More for less. I want to spend more time and less money on hunting and fishing. Money can't buy happiness and it won't get you a big buck or a lunker bass either. The Indians hunted with handmade bows and the pilgrims didn't own open-faced reels but they still killed deer and caught fish.

Shoot more wildife. No, I'm not planning on blasting every critter that walks and breathes. Armed with my camcorder and digital camera, I'd like to film Mississippi's best natural resource. It's easy to get caught up hunting and simply miss the true enjoyment of the outdoors.

Retrace some old footsteps. My grandfather never stepped a foot in a bass boat and he could fish as good as anybody I've shared a boat with. I want to get back to my roots, grab a cane pole, some red wigglers and sit down in a flat bottom john boat fishing for bream. There's something to be said for getting back to the basics.

Visit the Coon Dog Cemetery. Located near Tuscumbia, Ala., the Coon Dog Cemetery is the final resting place for some of the worlds best coonhounds. I own a Black and Tan coonhound and even though Pojo is just yard dog, I figure he'd like to see where his ancestors have been laid to rest.

Run a 100 in skeet. Dick and Tom Hollaway got me bitten by the skeet bug and I'm too far gone to hope for a cure.

I've seen scores of people shoot 100 straights, therefore I'm convinced it can be done. Now I just have to convince me it can be done.

Fish the Mississippi River. I've lived in this state all my life and never once casted a line in the Father of Waters. It just seems like a crime to live within a couple hours driving distance of the great never and not make the trip.

Despite popular belief, there are a lot more goals I want to accomplish, and some of them don't involve hunting and fishing. I guess I'll have to get to those in 2006.

Mark Beason ( is the outdoors writer for the Daily Journal.

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