Memphis rallies around Grizzlies' postseason run

By Teresa M. Walker/The Associated Press

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tony Allen was filling up his tank at a gas station when he realized just what the Grizzlies’ stunning run through the NBA playoffs mean to Memphis as Tennessee fends off the overflowing Mississippi.

Allen was wearing a Grizzlies’ T-shirt with players pictured in a huddle with the words “Together we stand, divided we fall” when a woman approached him.

She didn’t know who the Memphis guard was or ask for an autograph. The woman only wanted to know how she could get that T-shirt for herself.

The city of Memphis is painted Grizzlies’ blue and yellow, and the team’s surprising success is the perfect pick-me-up for a town dealing with a historical flood and desperate for a winner whose success can’t be stripped away.

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