MHSAA suspends 27 from Mooreville, Tishomingo County fight

mhsaa logo, no bkgdBy Brandon Speck/Daily Journal

The Mississippi High School Activities Association handed down heavy suspensions this afternoon to Mooreville and Tishomingo for their parts in a brawl Friday night in the fourth quarter at Mooreville.

Mooreville had 17 suspended, Tishomingo 10, some for one week, some for two. Both are on restricted probation which ends at the end of the regular season.

“If they did qualify, they can be in the playoffs,” MHSAA associate director Ricky Neaves said. “Mainly the probation is, ‘They don’t need to let something like this happen again,.’”

The three players ejected from the game were suspended for two games.

More in Wednesday’s Daily Journal newspaper.

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  • DownGoesBrown

    The MHSSA wheel-o-justice at it again. What was the difference in this altercation/fight/scuffle than the one last year with Vicksburg and Murrah–which resulted in a postseason ban for those two teams?

    • Thile

      During that Vicksburg-Murrah fight, a coach was injured and was transported to a hospital; I think he nearly died if I remember correctly. I’m guessing that was the difference. This seems like more of the activities association’s uneven supplementary discipline, though. There were fans who came onto the field during all that chaos Friday night as well; will anything happen to them?