Mississippi State voted off the island by ESPN

ESPN.com decided this week, just for fun, to “downsize” major college football to improve its overall quality. On Tuesday, four of their writers held a mock draft to select the 40 best programs out of the 120 now in the Football Bowl Subdivision.
You can see the mock draft here.
The bottom line? Nine SEC teams made the cut, with Mississippi State, Kentucky and Vanderbilt all voted off the island.
Southern Cal was the No. 1 draft pick, followed by Florida, Oklahoma, Texas and LSU.
Howls are surely being heard from Ohio State (6), Alabama (8) and Notre Dame (9) in particular. Hey, at least they made the top 10 — 80 teams got cut.
The rest of the SEC’s picks worked out like this: Georgia (10), Tennesee (15), Auburn (19), Ole Miss (29), South Carolina (33) and Arkansas (35).
A few other draft picks of note: Utah (17), Boise State (20) and Texas Tech (25).
Off the top, a few notable omissions would seem to include Pittsburgh, North Carolina, Colorado and TCU.

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