Mitch Moreland's bat headed to Cooperstown

By Brandon Speck/Monroe Journal

The Texas Rangers didn’t win the World Series. But the bright spot and memory of getting there for the first time will always linger in Arlington.

Just as the first playof series win in Rangers history will be remembered, so will the shot heard ’round Texas that propelled Texas to it’s first and thus-far only World Series win. Mitch Moreland’s 3 run homer in the second inning of Game 3 Saturday gave his team the three runs it needed in a 4-2 win against San Francisco.

Moreland’s Series to remember includes a few more quiet numbers as well though. Moreland was the Series-leading hitter, going 6 for 13 with a home run, a double, three RBI, a run and two walks.

His .462 average was tops among either team, the only other in range was Edgar Renteria’s .412.

A couple of other numbers to ponder: Moreland became at the first rookie since Jackie Robinson in 1942 to start at least the first three games of a World Series. He also became the third player in MLB history to homer in a World Series with less than 100 games played in his career. The last to do that was Andruw Jones in 1995. That bat is off to Cooperstown because it was the first home run in Texas World Series history.

And the hit came from a guy who the Rangers drafted as much for his 93 MPH fastball as they did for his bat.