Mystery TCPS football score probably from baseball

Some sharp-eyed readers noticed that a TCPS football score was included in a list that appeared in Sunday’s Journal.

TCPS announced before the season began that its varsity program would be on hiatus this fall.

The score was distributed on a list provided to us by the Associated Press. The AP’s editorial assistant at their score center in Spokane, Wash., was unable to determine where the score came from, but we have a theory.

TCPS was supposed to play Thrasher last week. The score distributed by the AP – TCPS 12, Thrasher 10 – is identical to the score of a baseball playoff game from May. It’s a good guess that someone – not in the Journal office – searched the

Internet for a TCPS-Thrasher score, found that one and didn’t double-check all the details.

We thought it was worth taking a moment to explain how that happened. We’ll all be on the lookout to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

John L. Pitts