NCAA sets deadline for Sidney

The NCAA has set a deadline in the Renardo Sidney eligibility case , which means it could soon be headed the legal route.
Donald Jackson, who’s representing the Mississippi State basketball signee, said a lawsuit or injunction could be the only recourse if the NCAA does not budge on its request for family financial records that Jackson has declared off-limits.
“I always attempt to exhaust all of my administrative remedies, and frankly, we’re going to give this situation an opportunity to play itself out,” Jackson said. “But it could conceivably be heading toward the legal system.”
The NCAA, in an e-mail that Jackson received Wednesday morning, is asking for tax returns from Sidney’s parents and maternal grandparents, from 2006, ’07 and ’08.
Jackson said he has no problem with providing the parents’ returns, since much of their financial background was covered during interviews with the NCAA earlier this month.
As for the grandparents, Jackson said, “I think that’s frankly a blatant intrusion of their rights. They’re not under the authority in any way of the NCAA, and they’re not going to get that.”
Jackson has also refused to release Sidney family bank account records.
This sticking point is what could redirect the case toward the judicial system.
Included in the NCAA’s e-mail was an ultimatum: “If you do not provide a response to all of these requests within the next 21 calendar days, in accordance with the amateurism certification staff, policies and procedures, Mr. Sidney Jr. may receive a certification decision of ‘not certified’ due to non-response.”
Jackson, who’s been involved in several high-profile eligibility cases, said he’s never had to resort to legal action but is prepared to do so.
NCAA spokesman Bob Williams, in an e-mail reply to the Daily Journal, said, “As far as the not certified status, that would be established due to the individual’s failure to provide necessary information to render a decision.”

Brad Locke/NEMS Daily Journal

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