Ole Miss announces renovation plan for south end zone

K1F3_Ole_Miss_logo.jpegBy Parrish Alford

Daily Journal

OXFORD – The next renovation of Vaught-Hemingway Stadium will be the south end zone, not the north one.

Ole Miss has announced a south end zone project that includes a field level club area.

The south end zone has been very popular since its last renovation was complete in 2002.

North end zone expansion and renovation has been a hot topic for some time.

If the announced timeline holds, south end zone renovation will take place after this season and will be ready for 2015.

The website for the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation says it is the goal of the athletic department to begin north end zone construction after the 2015 season and have it ready for the 2016 season.

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  • Thile

    SEZ renovation, because those high-school bleachers in the north endzone are so danged aesthetically pleasing.

  • Reason2Succeed

    Wanna be! Maybe the mascot should have been changed to a CopyCat.

    • Jack Makokov

      Forward Together has been planning facility improvements since late 2011/early 2012. Thus the renovations to the IPF, the new bball arena and parking garage, and improvements to Vaught-Hemmingway. What/who are they “copying,” exactly?

      • Reason2Succeed

        Delusion! They just ANNOUNCED this end zone project all by itself. Take a look at what State has ALREADY BUILT at DWS. Umiss CopyCats sounds good.

        • MooU’s #littlebrothersyndrome

          what a douche

        • Jack Makokov

          Using Clanga logic, Schtutate “copied” A&M, Tennessee, LSU, Auburn, Bama, and LSU. I missed their fans wading onto the internet, with paranoid/childish claims of “copying.” Also, no athletic program should improve fan experience ever.

          Jeebus, it’s not a contest. Heck, I’m glad both schools are finally spending money to improve their programs.

  • VocalCoach

    By record, State has almost always been the copycat. Look at the jumbotron installation a few years ago. Ole Miss announced and had theirs in first, then State right after announcing there’s was going to be a size that equaled to 1 foot bigger on each side so they could say they had the largest. The plans for the South End Zone renovation have been there since Pete Boone announced the Forward Together Campaign in 2011. The North End Zone is not until Phase 3 of the building plan.