Ole Miss self-imposes 1-year football postseason ban


By Parrish Alford

Daily Journal

OXFORD – The Ole Miss administration is standing by football coach Hugh Freeze after eight new allegations of NCAA violations have come to light.

In addition, an allegation previously leveled by the NCAA in its more than four-year investigation into Ole Miss football has been expanded.

The university acknowledged the violations Wednesday afternoon in a video production on YouTube that included chancellor Jeffrey Vitter, vice chancellor for athletics Ross Bjork and Freeze.

The school also announced it is adding to previous self-imposed sanctions a bowl ban for the 2017 season.

Freeze, 39-25 in five seasons at Ole Miss, was cited for a violation of NCAA head coach responsibility legislation.

The athletics department was cited for lack of institutional control and failure to monitor, an expansion of a more limited failure to monitor charge among 13 previous allegations announced by the school last May.

Athletics director Ross Bjork said Freeze was not personally involved in any of the violations.

“Although we disagree, according to the NCAA coach Freeze has not rebutted the presumption that he is responsible for his staff’s actions,” Bjork said.

The school will challenge six of the nine violations acknowledged Wednesday. There are seven Level I violations and two Level III violations.

The violations include five unnamed prospective student-athletes, including cash payments to one that totaled between $13,000 and $15,600.

The school acknowledged the involvement of two former staff members and one current coach.


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  • ostrogoth

    Parrish-I don’t understand the vendetta that other coaches and NCAA have against Freeze, as he is such a fine man. Regardless, this investigation could lead to a number of lean years for Rebs, as it makes a difference with recruiting and future plans.

    • Numbercruncher

      There is no Vendetta. There is now 21 violations with 15 being Level one violations. There is ACT test manipulation, cash to recruits, cars to players, boosters meeting recruits alongside coaches, athletic department setting up hunting trips on booster property, and on and on and on. That fine man has overseen a pattern of some of the most serious violations since SMU. They continued these actions while the NCAA was on campus and the NCAA sees this as a finger in the eye. Freeze either participated, was complacent, or was incompetent in all of this. There is zero arguing it was none of the three. None of the three makes him a “fine man”.

      Stand by him. His staff has just set back ole miss a loooong way. Listen to everyone outside of the program. Look at what was done to USC. There is a multi year bowl ban coming, tons of scholarship reductions, show causes for coaches, and an almost guaranteed return to the level of the Sloan years.

      • ostrogoth

        Of course you are correct.

  • CrossroadsDawg

    Violation of NCAA Head Coach Responsibility Legislation.

  • guest

    Freeze was hired to do just what he did.