Outdoor Briefs January 11, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

Shaky head rig making waves in bass world
The rig Jeff Foster used to harvest the fish of a lifetime last week, a shaky head with a Zoom Trick worm, is one that’s new to the scene in the past few years, Clay Coleman, of Clay’s Bait and Tackle, in Tupelo, said.
“It was originally intended to use for bed fishing bass in a foot of water,” Coleman said. “The shaky head rig is a specialized jig head, a round ball of lead on top of a hook. It’s called a shaky head because, even with slack line, you can cast it and it’ll sit on the bottom and you can shake your rod tip and the head will sit still and the hook will shake.”
When fished with a limber worm like the Zoom Trick, it can be used to good effect on bass that won’t hit anything else.
“The Trick worm is a brand name used by the Zoom company,” Coleman said. “That worm doesn’t have a curly tail. Instead it’s extra limber and the tail end is bulbous. It actually has more action than a curly-tailed worm when fished this way, and there’s really no way to fish a Trick worm wrong. There’s a thousand different ways to rig it.”
It does call for a very slow, patient retrieve, shaking and stopping, working carefully for bass that, especially at this time of year, are lethargic.
“If you look at when record bass are caught, it’s usually during the cold weather months, December, January, February,” Coleman said.
The current Mississippi record was caught in December 20 years ago.
“Bass are fed up for winter and lethargic,” he said, “but the cold weather will push them into a predictable spot, and Davis Lake is managed perfectly.”
Kevin Tate

Wild game contest set
The Calhoun county Wild Game Tasting Buffet is set for Monday, Feb. 11, at the Multi Purpose Building in Pittsboro. All dishes for judging must be present by 6 p.m. The event begins at 6:30 p.m.
The annual event typically draws a wide variety of wild game dishes and includes lots of fun and fellowship.
Dishes will be judged in the categories of fin, feather, deer, other fur and wild hog, and from those category winners a best-in-show grand champion will be selected.
Admission is $1 with dish and $3 with no dish. For more information, call Millie Goforth at 662-628-6260.
Kevin Tate

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