Outdoors: The Buzz December 21, 2012

By NEMS Daily Journal

Crappie deep, catfish bite on at Grenada
The crappie are still biting pretty well although they’re generally deep, and a big catfish bite was recently on downstream of the Grenada spillway, Clay Coleman, of Clay’s Bait and Tackle in Tupelo, said this week.
In the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway south of Tupelo, crappie are holding around nine feet deep along the edge of the channel, though they may be found sporadically at a variety of depths there. In Bay Springs, they’re now at depths of 20 feet or more.
“The Waterway is different from any other body of water because, with the barge traffic coming through, the water temperature is often the same at 2 feet as it is at 10 feet, so in many places there’s no magic depth that holds just what the fish are looking for,” Coleman said.
In other action, Coleman heard anecdotal reports backed up with photos of a major haul of big catfish being accomplished downstream of the Grenada spillway.
Three hauls in excess of 200 pounds each were reported by a customer buying extra heavy casting weights.
“I don’t know what they were catching them on, but they were casting from the bank and really hauling them in,” he said. “That happens in the winter. You can find them stacked up like that sometimes.”
Coleman noted recent and pending rainfall and said the resulting watershed currents in Pickwick and all Tennessee River points south should make for a good fishing this weekend.
Kevin Tate

Dog season for deer opens Christmas Eve
Mississippi’s third whitetail deer gun hunting season will open Dec. 24 and will run through Jan. 17.
Hunting with dogs is allowed during this season. Legal deer include either-sex on private lands and legal bucks only on open public lands.
Open public lands may include National Forests and Corps of Engineers lands that have statewide seasons without special regulations.
For seasons and bag limits on Wildlife Management Areas, please see the individual WMA regulations at mdwfp.com/wma.
Hunters are urged to practice good hunter ethics and follow all safety precautions to avoid accidents.
Source: mdwfp.com

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