The Boy walked down a dirt road, scuffing his feet to make the dust rise. Caliche rocks baked white by the sun tumbled in his wake. We’d spent a morning and two afternoons in a hot pop-up blind trying to wait a turkey out, and we were both glad now to be out in the […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Sometimes, in the relationship between firepower and enjoyment afield, less really is more. For many turkey hunters, the lighter carry and gentler recoil of the 20 gauge is just the ticket. The 20 gauge has long been a favorite among clay pigeon, small game, dove and upland bird shooters, both […]

We had spent the day on foot in the thin air scouting for elk. Nightfall found the five of us crammed into the cab of a truck, carefully driving down the mountain when something one of the guys said got my attention. Fall comes suddenly in the high places. Though the grass was still green […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer State officials have proposed May 6 as the day for one of north Mississippi’s most popular lakes to return to the map for bass, bream, crappie and catfish enthusiasts. Lake Lamar Bruce, out of action for the past three years to allow for new levy construction, is re-stocked and almost […]

My friend swam in the Colorado River and raised a family, he hiked the Appalachian Trail and built a business, he was an engineer who loved people and a point of joy no matter how grim times became. Robert Harrell, Sr., of West Point, rarely missed an opportunity to teach and forever sought new chances […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer When the Hill Country Strutters open the doors to their annual banquet April 2, they’ll be seeking to raise the bar on a high standard they’ve set themselves. The group, which draws members from throughout northeast Mississippi, earned awards from the state chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation for […]

A shot at a bull elk in Kentucky is what Todd Jones is counting on to help give thousands of kids a shot at a better life. One of the most coveted tags in all of the outdoors, Kentucky’s quota elk hunt offers the public a chance to chase wild elk in the Bluegrass State. […]

Given the chance, coyotes hunt the same game humans like to chase, a circumstance that leads to them becoming a challenging quarry themselves. (Paul T. Brown/True Exposures Publishing)

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer The coyote, our continent’s most common predator, is the very picture of adaptability. Hunting them effectively on smaller blocks of land in the Deep South calls for measures not needed in the wide open spaces out West, but those demands add another large measure of enjoyment to the pursuit. The […]

The Old Man had fished for everything that swims at one time or another, and he’d caught most of it. He never mentioned battling blue marlin off the shores of Costa Rica or hauling peacock bass out of the tangled tributaries of the Amazon, but of skinned and scaled critters closer to home he’d caught […]