We rested our binoculars on shooting sticks or across the backpacks we’d gratefully shed and scanned mountainsides rising opposite ours, hills framing valleys that lay between. Deep scars of bare rock marked places whose angles allowed nothing to stand. Sarvisberry and sage coated pastures below. Aspen and dark timber sheltered quiet places above. Game was […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Youngsters looking for introductory instruction in any and all of the shooting disciplines may find their start Sept. 24 in Tupelo at the annual J.A.K.E.S. Day, sponsored by the National Wild Turkey Federation. Held for years at Jackson Camp in the Bay Springs area, this year’s edition will take place […]

I turned the slick, glossy pages, passing photos of elk and mule deer and of dogs pointing quail, past largemouth bass and king salmon. I read my favorite part first, a humor column that started on the magazine’s last page before jumping inside, then I looked up at the Old Man, who sat in his […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer There may be no better second and third steps for a youngster to make into the hunting world than those taken during early squirrel season, when the leaves are thick, the game is plentiful and another chance to do it right is just over the hill. Mississippi’s youth squirrel season, […]

The Old Man slipped the safety off as he brought his battered old pump gun to his shoulder. The bead behind the Poly-Choke leveled with the rib at the back of the receiver and the Old Man’s eye just at the moment the stock touched his shoulder and his finger touched the trigger. Forty yards […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Reinforcing good shooting technique involves many of the same disciplines, whether you’re using a firearm or a bow. Shooting authorities Scott and Kathleen McRee, of Greenwood, have been supplying long range rifles to the most intense shooters in the free world since 2001. Both are highly accomplished competitors, and Scott […]

We climbed out of the van like manikins forced, with great difficulty, into motion. We moved our feet slowly and stiffly, adjusted each leg one part at a time. Bent a knee here. Angled a foot there. Made progress that was more halt than not, spending each bit of energy grudgingly and with only the […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer With the first days of archery season now just a little more than a month away, a few moments spent checking critical gear can avoid lots of disappointment down the road. Compound bows are amazing machines, but they require maintenance just like any other. Knowing what to look for and […]

We lay on our backs or our sides where we fell, sprawled on a roll of land that hung partway up a Colorado mountain, heaving deep breaths one after another to little effect, holding the stitches in our sides and picking bits of sage from our tongues. Just at that moment, nothing short of a […]