We’d spent most of the afternoon gathering catalpa worms, using long cane poles to tickle them free one at a time from their clinging spots on the bottoms of high leaves. They were our bait for the fishing trip the Old Men had planned for the next day, but we were already worn out. Technically […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Deer season in north Mississippi closes on Sunday 30 minutes after sunset but, for the most avid of enthusiasts, their favorite pursuit just switches gears. Bucks here should begin dropping their antlers in the next several weeks, and a hunt for what’s still out there is a consuming side attraction […]

The little girl sat next to me in a quiet patch of woods we’d found. A rifle lay across my lap, one I’d brought along just in case a deer or hog decided to attack us. I didn’t expect to have to do much shooting, though. We weren’t being very stealthy or quiet. It was […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Sometimes, enough of the great indoors is enough even for those least-inclined to brave the elements. For souls made hardy by more views of their own four walls than they can stand, relief may lie as near as their own back yard or a handy state park for an afternoon […]

We launched the boat just after daylight, while the sky was still orange on one horizon and blue-black on the other. I used an old T-shirt to wipe condensation off the seats, then lowered the outboard motor, gave the priming bulb a single squeeze, pulled the starting cord and coached the old Mercury into a […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Three weekends remain for deer hunters in north Mississippi and, both for those with meat in the freezer and meat yet to collect, processing’s regular grind stands as one of the most flexible plans around. Bringing venison from the field to the table is a key part of what deer […]

The Boy sat in a folding chair and listened to the birds, watched the wind, waited for a deer to step into view. Nothing out of the ordinary happened all afternoon, and it was fantastic. The Boy was soon to be due back in school. A pop-up blind in a fallen treetop made a good […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer When you’re introducing a new hunter of any age to the outdoors, make sure to consider things from their point of view. A new hunter doesn’t know what they’re getting into. That’s up to the mentor to consider. If it’s going to be cold, hot, windy or a long walk, […]

The hounds in the kennel were slow to rise. Normally they barked and leapt at their gates at the first sound of our arrival and we’d have to snap leads onto their collars to keep them from streaking out of the yard without us. Today they huddled in the backs of their houses and peeped […]