The backpack, if you could call it that, was vintage Army surplus, and my packing method was to keep cramming stuff in until it couldn’t hold another thing. It would be a shame, I thought, to come up wanting for something I could have carried. I walked into the house, sat down in front of […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer From area lakes to the turkey woods, warmer days with more hours of sunshine have bass, crappie and wild turkeys looking forward to spring as reliably as the outdoorsmen who chase them. In area lakes, the crappie bite is still on. Though the spawn is still several weeks away, crappie […]

She was from Natchez, where she’d left her friends and the life she knew, a social place where the Delta and the Gulf meet French Louisiana across a brown swirl half a mile wide and 300 years deep. Something about that stained water lends a clarity of vision. I’d never seen the right choice so […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer BELMONT – The deer and ducks, the turkeys and small mammals whose mounted forms remind us of the places we’ve been, the mountains we’ve climbed, the hours we’ve spent working and the years we’ve spent dreaming make for wonderful conversation pieces, tactile examples of our Creator’s most beautiful handiwork. Once […]

The Old Man stood at the kitchen sink and looked through the window. A slow rain dripped from the roof. It soaked the bark of the big pecan tree in the yard, making a darker shade of gray. Low clouds promised more of the same. Pale blue light filled the lines on the Old Man’s […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Alcorn County lies a considerable distance east of the Mississippi Flyway, but the area’s brand new chapter of Delta Waterfowl drew 360 attendees to last year’s inaugural banquet, an event expected to host 500 or more when it’s repeated next Friday night. The second-annual Alcorn County Delta Waterfowl banquet will […]

The Old Man was crouched next to one wheel of the boat trailer, inspecting the hub. His knees were tucked under his arms and his seat hovered between his ankles, inches above the gravel, both heels flat on the ground. He extended his hand toward me without comment and took the hose of the grease […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer With winter finally in high gear and many hunting seasons winding down, land managers looking to improve their habitat need seek no farther than programs for hog removal and coyote control. Populations of wild pigs in every shape, size and color are quickly on the rise across Mississippi, and an […]

The snow’s top crust crumbled with each step, letting my boots’ rubber soles squeak against the powdery white below. The air was cold beyond cold for Mississippi, but was mercifully still. It was the coldest day of the year, one of the coldest in several years, and it seemed no critters were moving, Earth or […]