The presents were under the tree and the meal had long since been eaten, but the old folks lingered at the table until I thought I wouldn’t be able to stand it. Usually we ate my Grand-mother’s cooking in the kitchen but, on Thanksgiving and Christmas, we sat in high-backed wooden chairs around her dining […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Freshwater gamefish of every description are feeding up now before the winter ahead. It’s a time that brings fishermen back to the lake, often after having been driven away by the heat themselves. “You can still catch good fish and good numbers of them in the summer, but the fish […]

The Boy sat on the nose of the canoe and rode it through the shoals like an aluminum pony. He’d spent the morning casting a closed-face spinning reel, retrieving willow blades behind a white, rubber skirt, and he’d dug into the same task for the afternoon. The hills and mountains of the Ozarks hold wildlife […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer BELMONT – Paul Witt routinely sees the most exotic creatures that call our planet home. Zebras and lions from the plains of southern Africa, tahr and stag from the misty mountains of New Zealand, brown bear from the coasts of Alaska, whitetails from our nation’s heartland and elk from the […]

Paul Witt, of Belmont, has done taxidermy for a number of clients with names known around the world, but his primary customer is the everyday hunter, someone like himself, who wants to honor an animal and hold onto a moment by preserving a tangible memory. The resulting products help us share those stories with our […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer GALENA, Mo. – Helping clients cast bass baits from the seat of a moving canoe over the course of a quiet day’s float is a business model Dennis Whiteside has mastered to his satisfaction, as well as that of countless others. As a retirement job that pays for his hobby, […]

The brown water of the Tallahatchie cut the farmland south of Minter City, winding a lazy course through the richest soil on the planet. Trees lined the high banks, sweet gum and oaks of considerable size, but the topsoil stood deeper than their roots could reach and was undercut by the river at every turn. […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Beginning this deer season, since the Oct. 1 archery opener in fact, hunters on private land in Mississippi have been allowed to shoot deer while in clear view of shelled corn or other assisting feed provided certain rules are observed. Laws regarding the shooting of deer through the aid of […]

Thick fog clung to the mountainsides in a vast silence. It flowed down the valleys and covered the road in a roiling, soundless tumble. First, treelines were but a suggestion, then only a memory. Eventually I could see the tail lights of the truck ahead of me and the branches that closed in on both […]