1. ABERDEEN LAKE (TENN-TOM): Used Texas-rigged lizards and jig-n-pig combos in shallow coves and pockets with grass

1. ABERDEEN LAKE (TENN-TOM): Used Texas-rigged lizards and jig-n-pig combos in shallow coves and pockets with grass.
2. BAY SPRINGS: Most are in the 8- to 15-foot water, hitting crankbaits, jerkbaits and Carolina-rigged plastics in points and ditches. Texas-rigged plastics and Rat-L-Traps will work as the fish move shallower.
3. ELVIS PRESLEY LAKE: Throw shallow crankbaits, jerkbaits and Texas-rigged Senkos around brushpiles and laydowns in 4-8 feet of water.
4. LAKE LAMAR BRUCE: Jerkbaits and Rat-L-Traps are working on stump beds, while Carolina-rigs are taking fish off deeper points in 8-10 feet.
5. LAKE MONROE: Throw Texas-rigged plastics and suspending jerkbaits to those bass holding on shoreline structure.
6. PICKWICK LAKE/J.P. COLEMAN: Rat-L-Traps, jerkbaits and grubs are working in the dormant hydrilla and on humps, points and gravel bars for larger fish. Don’t pass up the middle of the hollows. In Bear Creek, chunk Shallow crankbaits and jig-n-pig combos around steep bluffs and points.
7. TIPPAH COUNTY LAKE: Texas-rigged plastic worms or lizards and dark-colored jigs work around points and the 6-12 feet in the creek channel.
9. TOMBIGBEE STATE PARK: Use Texas-rigged plastics and floating worms shallow.
10. TRACE STATE PARK: Target mainlake points and shallow timber in 5-10 feet with crankbaits, Rat-L-Traps and suspending jerkbaits.
1. ABERDEEN LAKE (TENN-TOM): Use jigs or minnows around shallow grass in the pockets on the west side of the channel.
2. BAY SPRINGS: Rising temps coupled with rising water levels will push the fish shallow in the next few days.
3. ELVIS PRESLEY LAKE: Crappie jigs or minnows are catching fish from brushpiles and laydowns in 4-8 feet of water between the pavilion and campground.
4. LAKE LAMAR BRUCE: Throw white grubs and jigs mostly around structure in the 10-foot range.
5. LAKE MONROE: Use jigs in deeper brush in 8-12 feet and along a few shoreline brushtops with deeper water nearby.
6. PICKWICK LAKE/J.P. COLEMAN: Troll or pull crappie jigs in 10-15 feet of water from Eastport and Mills Creek with Indian Creek and Yellow Creek a close second. Also try casting crappie jigs toward the banks while sitting in 3-5 feet of water.
7. TIPPAH COUNTY LAKE: Troll deeper water along the creek channel with minnows and jigs.
9. TOMBIGBEE STATE PARK: Use jigs or minnows in 3-6 feet of water around laydowns at the mouths of the coves and along the banks.
10. TRACE STATE PARK: Toss crappie jigs and minnows in 8 to 15 feet around the main creek channel and the drain structure at the dam.
3. ELVIS PRESLEY LAKE: Tight-line meal worms in 4-10 feet of water.
4. LAKE LAMAR BRUCE: Hit the gravel beds around the fishing piers with meal worms as small redear and bluegill move toward the beds.
5. LAKE MONROE: Redear have been coming out of shallow water, starting to bed.
7. TIPPAH COUNTY LAKE: Tight-line crickets or wigglers in 3-6 feet of water or in deeper water near spawning areas.
10. TRACE STATE PARK: Tight-line crickets, meal worms and grubs around flats, points and also the middle of the coves as well as 10-15 feet of water.
1. ABERDEEN LAKE (TENN-TOM): Use nightcrawlers and cutbait just off the navigation channel.
3. ELVIS PRESLEY LAKE: Rig worms or chicken livers along sandy bottoms and drop-offs.
5. LAKE MONROE: Chicken liver has been the catfish’s choice on the north end of the lake and around treetops.

Buster Wolfe

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