The Old Man held a hook in two fingers of his left hand. It was a Mustad brand, 3/0. He gripped a waxed nylon drop from a trotline in two fingers of the other and carefully threaded it through, then moved the loop under and up. “This is how,” he said, and I watched and […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoor Writer While the occasional bird’s nest may always be part of fishing with a baitcasting reel, a few tips can make those dreaded occasions rare. Baitcasting reels are a favored tool for bass fishing because of their durability, ease of casting, variety of gear ratios, quality of drag and the care […]

The Boy Scout camping trips of my youth always promised lots of excitement and adventure. There would be a great deal of exhausting work and toil, several injuries would be incurred, one or two minor disasters would be narrowly averted, and everyone would certainly get fighting mad at everyone else at some point along the […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Mississippi’s turkey season has been closed for two weeks, but the last chance for spring hunting has not passed. New to the state last season and returning this year, the state’s spring squirrel season opens Saturday and closes June 1. With a bag limit of four squirrels per day, the […]

The Boy sat astride the bow of the canoe and watched the hills roll by. Below, the river washed rocks as old as time. The waters of the James were so clear, depth became part of the scenery. From one foot to 20, it was all God’s aquarium. Bass and bream waited amid the eddies […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Sometimes, when dreams come true, they do so later than expected. For Joseph Webster of Fulton, the dream of winning a major championship in bass fishing is one he’d chased with everything he had for a long time. When that payday finally arrived, three weeks ago and decades after it […]

In his 20s and early 30s, Joseph Webster fished tournaments several nights a week and most weekends. He finished in the money in a number of FLW Tour events and chased the brass rings of professional fishing as hard as he could go. “Then, life changed and priorities weren’t what they had been,” Webster, 41, […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer DELACROIX, La. – Like most species of fish, red drum and speckled trout can be caught on a variety of terminal tackle. Everything from spinnerbaits and spoons to fly fishing gear can enter the mix and find success, but the guys whose livelihoods depend on reliable action prefer to rely […]

The Boy threw dead sticks and shook small trees as he moved down the hollow in the gathering dark. A carpet of brown leaves rustled underfoot. He looked for squirrels and watched for snakes as he went. The day sounds were settling into silence and the night sounds were coming out. The heat of the […]