By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer In the midst of summer, when the big lake bass are as finicky as they are deep, small streams and out-of-the-way ponds can be just the ticket for finding fast action. The big lakes that offer fishermen the widest range of challenges and rewards also attract pleasure craft of every […]

The door’s latch was a short wooden plank that turned on a single nail. The Old Man soon moved it higher, but that didn’t keep it out of my reach for long. You couldn’t have called him a hoarder in the televised sense of the word, exactly, because he wasn’t crazy and he kept all […]

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Conservation Officers Chris Bobo, left, and Greg Walters search a boat belonging to a man arrested for suspicion of boating under the influence.

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Conservation officers in north and central Mississippi wrote a total of 54 citations and made four arrests for boating under the influence last weekend as part of Operation Dry Water, a nationally coordinated effort for water safety. “We are dedicated to keeping boaters safe on the water,” said Maj. Jerry […]

My original crop of Old Men approached both catching and cooking fish as serious business, the first because it fed us and the second because it could burn us. A different mentor I met years later was more relaxed about such things, though, and his attitude helped keep the times interesting. I was enjoying my […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Time on the water is easily enhanced by finely tuning the fishing equipment to its task, and no category of gear is more open to specialized tuning than the rods. Beyond the convenience of being able to switch between a number of possible lure presentations without stopping to cut and […]

The paddle I used to push us off the riprap was the color of driftwood, toasted silver by the sun. The custom notch whittled into the blade for lifting deep trotlines was worn smooth at its corners. I stowed it as the sun rose above the low chop. The excitement of what we might catch […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer When the water gets warm and the bass go deep, it’s time to bring out the Carolina rigs to find and catch fish. Combining key traits of standard Texas-rigged worm fishing and crankbait fishing, the Carolina rig lets fishermen cover wide expanses of deep water, feel what’s on the lake […]

Everyone should do their best to improve on their past performances and, to that end, I’m happy to announce I set a new personal record this week in the category I call “Intricacy of Backlash.” I would have taken a picture, but I didn’t want to remember it any longer than I will anyway. Bait […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer From monitoring the health and growth of a deer herd to simply filling the slow hours while waiting for deer season to open again, continuous trail cam use can be productive and rewarding all summer long. More than just a method to help decide where to hang a stand, trail […]