My hair felt like it’d been pasted to my head with three tablespoons of Crisco. My back hurt from sleeping on a board, and my temples pounded from hollering at our swarm of pre-teen boys. Alcohol is forbidden at Scout Camp because, at the first opportunity, anyone with any sense would take out all they […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Small lakes and ponds handy to home are a great way for kids to get access to fishing, and they can be excellent teaching instruments as well. The principles that work on big water also work on small, and the lessons can be taught again and again burning only shoe […]

As children, my cousin and I spent our allowances on military surplus gear and our summer days playing Army. From a hillside south of Shannon, we set up ambushes in the jungles of Guadalcanal and stormed the beaches of Normandy. We plundered Campbell’s soup from the pantry, peeled away the labels, re-dubbed the cans “C-rations,” […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer On broad expanses of public water, catch and release remains an important practice but, where private ponds are concerned, removing a fair quantity of bass every year is critical to long-term success. Most people who manage private ponds do so with an eye toward growing trophy bass, and anyone who […]

The Old Man held the heavy receiver of the black, rotary telephone as he spoke. He’d called his doctor’s office to make an appointment. “Yes, ma’am,” he said. “Yes, ma’am three o’clock Tuesday will be fine.” I was seven or eight at the time and had been instructed since birth to say, “Yes, sir,” and, […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Because of continuing rains, cool weather and a handy full moon, spring fishing not only hit its peak on time but has continued to stay there well longer than normal this year, making right now an ideal time to hit the water. Water temperatures have been very favorable to keep […]

One of the Old Men steered the boat while the other watched for stumps and floating logs ahead. I sat down on the deck out of the way, a full ice chest to my back, the setting sun behind us all. We were coming home with all the boxes full of catfish, a good day’s […]

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Longer, more exactingly made after-market chokes, top and center, often outperform those supplied for the same purpose by gun manufacturers.

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Specialized, after-market chokes and close attention to shot patterns have long been a part of the turkey hunting game, but attention to both can be a big boost for wingshooters as well. Assuming a shooter is already using loads made from consistent, quality components, the most effective way to improve […]

Rain pattered down over the canvas and the leaves. It plinked against pot lids and vibrated the windbreaks on the Coleman stove. It gathered in puddles and ran in shallow streams through the fields and woods around Shiloh. It waxed and waned between fairly strong and barely raining but, for three days and nights, it […]