The boots sagged in a corner of the motel room. They’d walked their last mile, but their trip wasn’t over. It was October in Kentucky and the forecast was for cool weather. Still, the guides had said we should wear our snakeproof boots. It seemed unlikely, but when the locals say put on your snake […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer The first steps to improving any rifle shooter’s technique begin with the same tenets key to good performance in archery, a world-renowned rifle builder and shooter says. Scott and Kathleen McRee have been supplying long range rifles to the most intense shooters in the free world since 2001. Both are […]

I zipped up my jacket and stepped out into the dark air, breath fogging white as it ripped away on a steady breeze. It was the first day of September. The time was just after 4 a.m., and the temperature was a balmy 38 degrees. We had not reached the end of the world, but […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer GREENWOOD – When Scott McRee built his first long-range competition rifle stock from necessity nearly 14 years ago, he intended only to serve his own need. Today, the business that act spawned not only serves civilian customers all over the world, it’s serving his country as well. Today, long range […]

The Old Men occupied the window seats on either side of the small truck’s cab and smoked cigarettes in turn. They were old, and so could do what they wanted. Besides, they’d started smoking back when doctors in ads still said it was good for you, and that was the opinion they meant to follow. […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer An exercise that combines stealth, woodscraft and marksmanship, October squirrel hunts are a reminder of all skills necessary for hunting. The season opens next Thursday, Oct. 1. Finding squirrels early in the season begins as it would at any other time: by locating where they’re traveling and feeding. Listening for […]

The Old Man sat in his lawn chair at the pinch point of the funnel that yielded hundreds of squirrels over the years. His shotgun lay across his lap as he watched for the game to come. His front yard was full of mature pecan trees whose fruit we gathered each fall. Some were made […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer SMITHVILLE – With long miles behind them and just as many yet ahead, two friends from Chattanooga made repairs to their boat and motor in Monroe County Wednesday and continued their quest to complete the longest journey by johnboat ever recorded. Jim Gifford is a mechanical contractor and farmer. Aubrey […]

The Old Man lifted his feet as the boat settled to a stop and the water inside the hull sloshed forward. A coffee can of catalpa worms floated up and tipped. He picked it up and raked the spilled contents back inside. The flat-bottomed craft had bounced across thousands of waves in its career, ridden […]