By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Finding deer after the rut and late in the season is all about meeting them where they eat. With that much figured out, planning your strategy from there becomes both simpler and more critical. Much of the discussion about hunting whitetails, bucks especially, centers upon the rut, though at north […]

Brown leaves tumbled in the December wind. Small waves lapped along water’s edge. Decoys bobbed and pulled at their anchors. Standing in flooded timber, our eyes watered in the cold, scanning clear blue skies for the mallards we knew would come. The chop and clap of big ripples rolling between cypress knees played background to […]

The hook was so small it was hard to hold, and the eye through which the tapered leader had to pass was smaller still, but I eventually got it tied on. Already tied onto the hook was a set of plastic legs and rubber hairs meant to represent a grasshopper. Once someone told you that’s […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Fresh air and a walk in the woods are how staff members and friends of Mississippi’s state parks hope enthusiasts greet 2016. Coordinated, guided hikes will be offered at Clark Creek Natural Area, Paul B. Johnson State Park and Tishomingo State Park on Jan. 1. The first will step off […]

The hounds had been running almost since the moment the tailgate dropped that morning. The three of us carrying shotguns had collected four or five rabbits apiece, a good day for us, and we were trying to turn the corner to hunt back toward the truck in the daylight that remained. It’s amazing how much […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Page Crappie fishing is often associated with the first warm days of spring when the spawn hits its stride, but fishermen who spend time on the water in the fall will tell you the absolute prime time for catching those fish is right now. “They’re absolutely wearing them out right now […]

The Old Men had gathered around the fireplace to play cards and laugh. Outside, a full moon shone behind clouds scudding low and promising more rain. Inside, wet hunting gear draped across chair backs and a scorch of popcorn filled the air. One of the Old Men was making a poor job of shuffling the […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Mississippi was recognized as Ducks Unlimited’s top fundraising state in the nation for 2014, but the growth of the organization’s youth membership over the past few years is what makes one local director most excited. “We’re doing a lot with our Greenwings program this year,” Maury Giachelli, Northeast Mississippi District […]

A huge skillet of sausage and bacon sputtered and popped on top of the stove. The Old Man in charge of the cooking grunted as bits of flying grease hit his hand and reached to lower the heat. Across the room, coffee sloshed in a pot that was clattered in and out of place almost […]