The Old Man had fished for everything that swims at one time or another, and he’d caught most of it. He never mentioned battling blue marlin off the shores of Costa Rica or hauling peacock bass out of the tangled tributaries of the Amazon, but of skinned and scaled critters closer to home he’d caught […]

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Big catfish caught by hand are a source of fun and pride for handgrabbers.

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Registration for the second-annual Mississippi Handgrabbers Association Season Tournament and Big Fish Bounty is open through April 15, marking the return of a unique statewide event. Fishing begins May 1 and concludes June 27 and weigh-in locations will be available continuously at multiple spots across the state. “Everybody’s got their […]

Well before the sun crested the horizon we were away, luggage loaded under dome lights, travel mugs of coffee in hand, the rest of the house left sleeping. No matter what the destination, whether by logic or design, no long drive to anywhere feels right if it begins otherwise. Early in the day before the […]

Turkeys that never knew you were there will be the easiest to hunt throughout the season. (Paul T. Brown/True Exposures Publishing)

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Box, slate and mouth calls are getting a workout this week because turkey season opens soon, Sunday for youth hunters and March 14 for everyone else, but stealth will, as always, be the most important tool. Beginning with the first steps we take into the woods as apprentice hunters, we’re […]

Asking the Old Man about his first turkey put him in a remembering mood, and the story that followed is now a favorite memory of my own. “I was about 16 years old, and I called my first turkey up with a mouth yelper that I’d made myself,” he said, settling back into his chair. […]

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Fishing with the live bait gamefish would be eating anyway is a hard tactic to beat. This red grouper had already been on the feed.

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer There may be as many different lure options on the market as there are fish in the sea and a well-stocked tackle box should hold a good sample of them all. But when it comes to reliably provoking lots of strikes and keeping the reels in action, nothing beats live […]

The Old Man looked through the single pane window, his breath turning to fog even on the inside. Across the room, a fire danced in the wood stove and rumbled up the flue. Together we watched through frosted glass as bare pecan limbs switched against the breeze. School had let out at midday ahead of […]

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Judy Doolittle's elk chili was voted best overall at Monday's Wild Game Tasting in Pittsboro. Her sweet and sour wild turkey placed first in the feather division. Pictured, from left: Deer division winner Daniel Williams of Vardaman, fin division winner John Harrison of Pittsboro, Doolittle, and wild hog division winner Billie Hitt of Pleasant Hill.

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer The hunting process is not complete until game is ultimately brought to the table, and for many that step is the favorite of all. For Judy and Robert Doolittle of the Silver Springs community in Calhoun County, the process of fine tuning recipes to suit various sorts of wild game […]

At the time, the float I was using seemed as big as a baseball, and maybe it was. It didn’t matter though. One of the Old Men was raising catfish in this pond for commercial use and they ate when the opportunity was presented. Finesse in the presentation didn’t have much impact on the matter, […]