The Old Man lifted his feet as the boat settled to a stop and the water inside the hull sloshed forward. A coffee can of catalpa worms floated up and tipped. He picked it up and raked the spilled contents back inside. The flat-bottomed craft had bounced across thousands of waves in its career, ridden […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Crappie fishermen working the big waters of Pickwick and Bay Springs have had their challenges of late, but they’re ahead of the curve for one of the most rewarding times of the freshwater year. The first warm days of spring may be the only time many fishing enthusiasts hit the […]

This week, by way of social media, Will Jimeno told his friends about Antonio Rodrigues, a guy he and his buddies called “A-Rod.” He introduced us to Christopher Amoroso, who was a good cop and a great family man. We met David LeMagne, as dedicated a medical responder as there’s ever been, and we heard […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer For most wingshooters and outdoors enthusiasts of every stripe, an early dove season opener means there’ll soon be fresh birds on the table. Once traditionally fried only, today when it comes time to prepare doves for the table, no method may be more popular than grilling. Cooking meat harvested by […]

The Boy dug through his camping gear, describing the lightweight attributes of each piece in turn. There was a toothbrush with a short handle and one fewer row of bristles, a sleeping bag that weighed less than a dandelion’s dream and boots that nearly walked by themselves. Dehydrated meals formulated to feed a battalion rested […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer One of the best options for hunters seeking spots for next weekend’s dove opener and beyond may lie on public ground nearby. State wildlife officials have been developing public dove hunt offerings for many years. This year’s formula offers a combination of public and leased private options, both with many […]

One of the things I like most about the shotgun sports, and about wingshooting and sporting clays in particular, is how quickly fortunes can change. To some extent, ego and self congratulation are part of any outdoor pursuit, although the wise are quiet about it. There’s never been a good shot so great it couldn’t […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer With fall approaching and the hunting seasons on the way, it’s time for another crop of new hunters to quality to buy their first licenses. If those new hunters’ mentors lack formal hunter education classes, it’s a good time for them to pick up those certifications as well. In Mississippi, […]

I thought my Old Man had to be crazy. This wasn’t how the guys who wrote about duck hunting in Sports Afield went about it. They sat in one place and the ducks came to them. He must be addled to make this walk I thought, slinging several pounds of mud off my boots only […]