The Boy fidgeted and squirmed, put clothes on and took them off, was hungry and bored and anxious in turn. He moved too much and “whispered” too loud and sought new and clever ways to try my patience, but when the does walked into the field he froze and, in a moment, it was all […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Getting deer from fields around the state to the tables of the needy has been the mission of Hunter’s Harvest since its inception four years ago. Today, its organizers are working to expand that mission’s reach. Official estimates of how many people in America go hungry vary depending on definition, […]

The Old Man surveyed the torn paper and the castoff boxes, the blizzard of printed instructions and the light dusting of packing peanuts that, together, covered the den floor to a depth of several feet. He listened to beeps and boops and mock explosions that echoed from every corner of the house. The Opening of […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoor Writer Some of the best gift ideas for outdoor enthusiasts may come from a ramble through the gear the recipient already has. Most of us are hesitant to buy top-of-the-line equipment for ourselves, so an improved version of something the recipient already has and uses would be great. Another idea would […]

Art may imitate life or life may imitate art, but hunts definitely imitate the life and art of those doing the hunting. “Y’all are making entirely too big a deal out of this,” my wife told me as she reluctantly put on some of the gear I handed her to wear. “It’s not even cold.” […]

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Clay Coleman keeps the heat and smoke applied to his signature summer sausages steady at 250 degrees until they've reached an internal temperature of 155 to 160, then he allows them to cool very slowly.

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer One of the oldest methods of curing meat and game is still one of the most valid, flavorful and healthy, as well as simply achieved. Smoking hams and sausages has been a long-held family tradition for Clay Coleman, of Mantachie, and he’s offering his skills to the public from his […]

As each bird flew past his stand, Steve put up a shot from his Remington over-and-under that sent a gargantuan roar and plume of blue smoke skyward. He hit some and missed some – but, even from across the field, we could tell every volley got meat, at least on Steve’s end. We later discovered […]

Ducks Unlimited members across North America support a conservation project that is truly sweeping in scope. Their work and contributions protect nesting grounds in the far north and hunting opportunities at home. (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer When local Ducks Unlimited members gather Dec. 11 to socialize, eat and bid on merchandise, they’ll be supporting efforts that have helped wildlife thrive all across the continent as well as here at home. “The main focus of Ducks Unlimited is on the prairie pothole region, the ducks’ breeding ground […]

The Old Man rarely loaded his shotgun any more, leaving the shooting to the boys he’d trained to get ahead of the dogs and cut off the chase. For him, the chase itself, not the conclusion, was the purpose of the day, and he stayed as close to it as he could. “When I was […]