Some of us may never be confident we’ve found the place we were meant to be, but when Tony Murphy got to Florida in 1986, he knew he’d found a home. Born with a passion for the open water, he left his life in England behind at age 19 and changed hemispheres, landing in Florida, […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer From raccoon patties to alligator tail and other dishes common and unique, yearly wild game banquets bring communities together and offer both fellowship and adventure. Banquets set for Pittsboro, Dorsey and Tupelo mark three such highlights for this month’s sporting calendars. In Calhoun County, one of the region’s long-standing events […]

I found the Old Man in his garden, looking at corn stalks that had been broken over and robbed. “It’s raccoons,” he said, pointing to a track. “Last night was the third in a row. I sat out here with a shotgun until 2 this morning and nothing happened. I came back out here at […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Hunter Baggett of Mantachie has seen and shot many deer in his 12 short years on Earth, but a buck he took last weekend was more unusual than any most will get their hands on in a long lifetime. Hunting on a relative’s property in Chickasaw County, last Sunday’s sunrise […]

My friend and I were wading eyebrow deep through a big stand of briars while the beagles stood in the clean edge of a harvested cotton field, watching us. They’d been in the briars with us when we’d stepped in to help flush a rabbit, but at some point they’d relinquished the job silently and […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Most advice aimed at keeping hunters, hikers and others comfortable in the outdoors is meant for kids and new inductees, but the best of these come from experienced hands who use these tips and tricks themselves. Staying warm outdoors addresses many levels of necessity, and just because you’re in no […]

The Old Man was puttering around in one of the many barns and outbuildings that lay about his property, and doing so in the fully absorbed way only Old Men can. The last ducks had flown south and the deer season was closed. Quail season was still in play, but there hadn’t been enough quail […]

Retired Marine Sgt. Amos Benjamin, center, took his first deer during last weekend's event, one hosted by Walter Hatchett, left, and others. Jordan "Country" Blissett, right, caught the event on video. (Mossy Oak Productions)

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer BAINBRIDGE, Ga. – Brian Proctor and Walter Hatchett launched a mission just to say “thank you,” and have found themselves saving lives instead. The Red Hills Wounded Warrior Group is an effort that unites the communities of Bainbridge, Ga., and Tallahassee, Fla., behind a project that takes wounded veterans hunting. […]

A breeze kicked up out of the north as the hushed whistle of wingbeats passed through the black air above. Water lapped quietly at the base of the blind. Inside, two Labrador retrievers whined with nervous excitement as they poked their noses through holes so they could look too. They stood with us on wooden […]