The Boy brought his BB gun, sunglasses, camo gloves and cap. He carried his folding stool and his pocket knife. Along with my own gun and gear, I brought a bottle of water and a ThermaCELL for each of us. I also brought lots of memories I hoped to share, but those require a little […]

Bugles ringing through the hills and mountains call hunters back to the country every year, a great many to public lands the RMEF helps protect.

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer The impact of elk in the wild extends well beyond the animals’ home range, and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s efforts do the same. The Tombigbee Chapter of the RMEF will hold its annual banquet and fundraiser at the Summit Conference Center, 852 N. Gloster St., in Tupelo on Saturday […]

They said I ruined the rice by stirring it, which still seems counterintuitive to me but there it was. Still, I contend they caused it. It was shortly after Thanksgiving and the rifle deer season was underway in Greene County. We’d arrived at my friend’s family deer camp not long before sundown that Friday afternoon […]

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The NWTF uses the money it raises to host events such as J.A.K.E.S. Days. The acronym stands for Juniors Acquiring Knowledge, Ethics and Sportsmanship and typically involve a variety of hands-on opportunities the youngsters might not receive otherwise.

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Hunting conservationists in and around Pontotoc County are asked to attend an NWTF-chapter-reorganizing event at Algoma’s Seafood Junction restaurant Tuesday night at 6:30. “It’s going to be a fun event, one different from anything folks have seen,” said Scot Marcin, regional director for the National Wild Turkey Federation in north […]

The corn was done for the year, both primary and secondary ears had been pulled and processed, but the stalks remained standing. They outlined our task for the afternoon, one I wanted to put off until later, but the Old Man insisted we do it right then. “Later, you’ll be glad we did,” he said. […]

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Boykin spaniels are small but enthusiastic, both at home and in the field.

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer There’s something unusual about watching an ideal house pet hunt like a champion, but fans of the Boykin spaniel are quick to say their dog of choice can be master of both. Bay, a Boykin spaniel puppy under the supervision of Danny Rainey, of West Point, weighs a little more […]

There are good decisions, there are bad decisions, and then there are decisions made in hunting camp. One of my long-time friends has access to a large swath of family land with a camphouse in Greene County. The first time I visited, it was almost deer season and, as we arrived, my friend’s brother and […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer The first time Dwain Brister laid hands on a catfish in the latter’s home depths he was pulled, yanked, twisted – and hooked. Nearly 20 years later, he and his friends have launched a statewide mission to share the adrenaline rush that makes such an experience one many can’t wait […]

When I pushed the ladder over the pile and leaned in to grab my turkey vest, two panels from a dog pen clamped down on my left hand and made me howl. I stepped backward onto a tailgating chair that lay where I’d tossed it after park and rec baseball was done two months ago. […]