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Longer, more exactingly made after-market chokes, top and center, often outperform those supplied for the same purpose by gun manufacturers.

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Specialized, after-market chokes and close attention to shot patterns have long been a part of the turkey hunting game, but attention to both can be a big boost for wingshooters as well. Assuming a shooter is already using loads made from consistent, quality components, the most effective way to improve […]

Rain pattered down over the canvas and the leaves. It plinked against pot lids and vibrated the windbreaks on the Coleman stove. It gathered in puddles and ran in shallow streams through the fields and woods around Shiloh. It waxed and waned between fairly strong and barely raining but, for three days and nights, it […]

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More comfort doesn't necessarily mean more gear when it comes to camping.

By Kevin Tate Outdoor Writer Outdoor humorist Pat McManus famously termed camping a “fine and pleasant misery,” but drawing upon the experience and ingenuity of others can put more emphasis on the “fine and pleasant” and help confine the misery to the parts you intentionally choose. For veteran hikers, campers and others who’ve spent significant […]

Even in a culture that reminds us from the time we are small to always say “please” and “thank you,” it’s still possible to forget the value of appreciation, the necessity of gratitude. In fact, the people we fail usually deserve our gratitude the most. At some point, being taken for granted becomes the thanks […]

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Catfish destined for tournament weigh-ins have to be kept alive, a challenge 
answered by massive, custom-built live wells that fill the beds of pickup trucks.

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Thursday marked the opening of a fishing season that requires, in the way of gear, only a license and a strong spirit of adventure to pursue. Called grabbling, hand grabbing and a variety of other terms, the sport involves locating submerged hollow logs, current-etched cavities in creek banks or installing […]

As the skies turned dark and the wind began to pick up, I asked the Old Men if they didn’t think we ought to head back to the landing, but the crappie were quickly striking every minnowed hook that hit the water and they were loathe to leave. By the time they realized we should […]

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Accomplished shotgun shooter Bert Lawrence, left, coaches David Grant on the finer points of intercepting a fast rabbit target on the sporting clays course.

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer CANTON – In the same way the best golfers practice their skills by returning to the basics, shotgun enthusiasts can sharpen theirs by consulting with a pro, a service offered by staff and volunteers at the Turcotte Shooting Range near Canton. Formulated by Olympic, Pan-Am and World Shooting champion John […]

They sat around the perimeter of the pontoon boat and fished from lawn chairs, laughing at old stories, at old memories, at old fishermen. One had gotten soaked on a trotline run and was without spare dry clothes, they recalled. One had tried to make cornbread and only welded the batter to the pan. One […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer The season, the weather and the moon are combining to make this weekend one of the best of the year for crappie fishing, and experienced professionals say plastic minnows and grubs offer some of the best flexibility to be found. While it’s true a live minnow will always look like […]