The Boy looked at the folded tent and the rolled sleeping bags. He stepped over the chairs necessary for enjoying any campfire and walked around the stack of empty coolers. “When are we going camping again,” he asked, “just you and me?” I told him I had a trip coming up and some other obligations […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Sharing opportunities to shoot everything from bows to shotguns with youngsters who’ve never had the chance is the focus of an event set for Saturday in the Jackson Camp Recreation Area at Bay Springs. “We’re calling it ‘Kids’ Hunting Heritage Day’ because we wanted to make it clear what the […]

My little girl took my hand as I shambled along with her on her exercise trek. “Would you like to come walk with me?” she’d asked. As quickly as she’s growing up, who could say no? She held my hand as we walked in the growing dusk. Crickets and cicadas greeted the dark as she […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Cooler weather and falling water levels are triggering shad by the thousands to run shallow as they do each year, bringing bass along in a feeding frenzy and putting one of bass fishermen’s favorite tools into play. When the Rat-L-Trap, a product of Bill Lewis Lures, was introduced in the […]

Sweat filtered through my eyebrows and dripped from the end of my nose, making it hard to watch for yellow jackets. June had not yet given way to July, and it was still early in the day to boot, but summer had already been in full force for what felt like months. The Old Man […]

Audrey Haynes, 5, and Russell Haynes, 3, are the pride and joy of seven-time FLW Tour winner Randy Haynes, who's originally from Tippah County. (Curtis Nedermier/FLW)

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Making motivated salesmen got a lot easier for Boy Scout officials recently when professional angler Randy Haynes volunteered to take a lucky popcorn seller out on Pickwick Lake for a sample of life on tour. Haynes, originally from Tippah County, has seven wins on the FLW Tour, the top echelon […]

Sparks from a campfire drifted high on a cool wind that arrived a week or so before the first full day of fall. They hatched from the last pops of a smoky smudge, one built of wood leftover from another adventure carried out several rainstorms before. The Boy had been patient as I’d gotten the […]

By Gene Phelps Daily Journal BLUE SPRINGS – On a whim, Dick Hollaway and some friends went to the old Tupelo Gun Club one Saturday to “shoot some skeet.” Sounded like a good idea to Hollaway, 23 years old at the time. He had hunted, but he had never shot clay targets. “They were having […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Mississippi’s archery season for whitetail deer opens Oct. 1 and, while shooting practice for most hunters has long been underway, a seasonal check of the shooting equipment itself is always critical. “Every bow is different so, unless you have the numbers for it handy, the best thing to do is […]