Sometimes it’s time to go fishing no matter what time it is. Sometimes what you catch doesn’t show up for years. “Get your fishing rods and let’s go,” the Old Man told us. It was early afternoon at the peak of summer and my brother and I were very much enjoying the air conditioning. “Where […]

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A .22 rifle in the back seat is more than enough to result in both legal and school punishment for a student.

By Kevin Tate Special to the Journal The young man expected that Monday this past October to be just another day of high school, but instead it included an arrest complete with handcuffs, a strip search and a court hearing and led in short order to three months at Lee County’s alternative school. The student […]

Well beyond antlers on the wall, Mississippi's annual bumper crop of whitetail deer fills freezers and graces tables for countless families. This buck, taken last fall by Jon Tatum of Mooreville, provided welcome organic meat. (Courtesy photo)

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Burger, chops, sausage and roasts are what come to mind after the smoke clears and the antler inspection is completed, but making sure the meat arrives in good condition takes as much care as the hunt itself. Mississippi has an abundance of deer, but handling harvested venison in our temperate […]

On the hard, cold winter days, when the wind lies still, you can better hear the echoes of the voice of nature. Even if you avoid duck blinds like the plague and focus your deer efforts on the afternoon, it’s worth making an early appointment just to hear it. Come December, when the insects have […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer When it comes to securing the cargo you plan to haul, not all straps are created equal, and neither are methods for attaching them. Sonny Jamison, of Adventure ATV in West Point, says using sufficiently strong straps and connecting them in the right places makes all the difference in the […]

Sometimes a shopping trip can turn out better than expected, even in the outdoors. So many outdoorsmen never throw anything away. Any fisherman’s trove will include at least two reels so frozen with rust they’ll never move again, but which remain because sentimentality forbids their disposal. Lying about most hunters’ gun cabinets are small parts […]

Kevin Tate | Daily Journal
Outerwear by Drake, from left, compact spotlights from Browning and heated insoles from ThermaCELL make a great list of options for any outdoors enthusiast.

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer From the smallest box of ammo to the largest high-quality cooler, a thoughtful gear improvement for any hunting or fishing fanatic can be found with a little looking. Beyond the largest elements of outdoor kit, the items outdoors enthusiasts use are the ones that get the most wear and, most […]

With Thanksgiving done and the prospect of parades and visits with Santa at hand, society tells the child in all of us the best of the year still lies somewhat ahead, but I’ve always thought the best things happen in November. In November, deer season is open and the abundant small game that flourishes here […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Easier to climb and safer to use than other types of tree stands, ladder stands should still be approached with caution and hunted with care. The onset of mandatory hunter education and the advent of hunter orange has done wonders in recent decades for reducing the number of firearm-related hunting […]