By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer As iconic as the other four better-known North American subspecies of wild turkey and generally more difficult to access, the Gould’s that inhabit the desert southwestern United States and the mountains of Mexico offer a tempting quarry for traveling hunters. For Judge Charlie Brett, of Lee County, a recent trip […]

The Boy carried the turkey a long way. It was his first longbeard and he had hunted very hard to get it. He held the bird’s legs together with both hands as they draped across his shoulder, gripping them above the long, curving spurs. The bird’s head hung down to The Boy’s heels. Its wing […]

Lake Lamar Bruce near Saltillo reopened Wednesday after being closed for more than three years. The Daily Journal’s William Moore talked with Larry Pugh of the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks about why the fishing lake was closed and what improvements were made. Q: Why was the lake closed and drained in December […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Sweeping changes made to Mississippi’s public water alligator permit distribution methods are intended to make sure more of the permits actually get used, state wildlife officials say. Growth in the number of tags allowed and an excessive number of hurdles to cross to acquire the tags are behind the changes. […]

  The rumble from the big shotgun echoed off the side of the barn, then back from the woodline beyond. I laid the gun on an open soft case and rose from my seat, favoring my right shoulder as I did. While I went to check the pattern on the paper target I’d set up […]

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Bo Underwood of Eggville joins hundreds of other fisherman on Wednesday for the grand re-opening of Lake Lamar Bruce in Saltillo.

By William Moore Daily Journal SALTILLO – There was a line of boats and anxious anglers waiting to get into Lake Lamar Bruce at 6 a.m. Wednesday. “I’ve been waiting for this day ever since it closed,” said Troy Morton of Baldwyn. “I marked it on the calendar as soon as they set a date […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer DELACROIX, La. – The rod more than doubled and the reel’s drag screamed but the braided line held its own as the first fish of the day showed its mettle all the way to the net. Others quickly followed until ice chests approached capacity, filled with groceries the marsh seemed […]

Randle Shaw turned the wheel and rode the throttle as he followed his friend through the marsh at full speed. Banking from port to starboard and back with a 60-degree list in each direction, he and Nick Rando navigated The Squiggles, a stretch of marshy islands separating the dock at Delacroix from River aux Chenes, […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Once a new shooter has become comfortable with handling and aiming a firearm and you’re ready to take them to the field to try their hand on live game, think through the last one percent of the equation and establish a routine the two of you will know how to […]