Rebels, Bulldogs focus on rebounding

Football stockBy Parrish Alford

Daily Journal

Both area SEC teams will try to bounce back from disappointment this week, and odds may favor Mississippi State to have the better chance to do that.

Following a 59-26 home loss to No. 10 LSU, the Bulldogs will entertain Mid-American Conference foe Bowling Green (5-1)for homecoming.

The Rebels are finally able to play some home games – six straight coming up – but the first is against No. 9 Texas A&M.

Ole Miss struggled to stop the run on defense and to protect quarterback Bo Wallace on offense. The Rebels had a chance to rally for the lead in the fourth quarter but came up short in a 30-22 loss at Auburn.

As the season’s midway point arrives, Ole Miss has dropped to 3-2 after a 3-0 start and is 1-2 in SEC play.

MSU is 2-3 and 0-1 after LSU blew open a close game late by scoring the last 31 points.

Two-QB system

For the Bulldogs, Dan Mullen carried on the quarterback suspense until the first play when Dak Prescott took the first snap as the starter.

In the end both Prescott and Tyler Russell played and played to their strengths.

Russell was the better passer, throwing for 146 yards and two touchdowns with 7 for 11 efficiency. Prescott rushed for 103 yards and a score.

MSU amassed 468 yards but gave up 563 as LSU rushed for more than 200 and passed for more than 300.

The Tigers, having lost an emotional 44-41 game at Georgia the week prior, improved to 21-1 after a loss under Les Miles.

For the Rebels, the perimeter run game was neutralized for a second-straight week. Wallace, under pressure most of the night, threw for 336 yards and two touchdowns but also two interceptions, one returned for a touchdown.

Auburn rushed for 282, much of it on the read-option running of quarterback Nick Marshall.

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  • Kevin

    Freeze says Wallace is the Rebs’ best option at QB and so that spells certain doom with him now throwing touchdown passes for the other team. Saturday will be a bloodbath!! We drop our third straight. How in the heck did we win at Texas? That was a certain fluke because this team sucks!!

  • REB

    Our offensive line is banged up along with one main player lost for the year. On top of that they are very young. Give them time to get the run game going and the offense will be fine. We may be a recruiting class or two away of where we want to be. What our team needs is support not negative put downs.

    • Kevin

      What our team needs more than anything is talent and coaching. We could also use a quarterback or two. Getting talented players on the roster is going to be difficult when we’ve got another five or six certain losses looming on the schedule. And as luck would probably have it, they’ll put the looming beatdown by A&M on national TV for all our potential recruits to see just how bad we really are!

  • REB

    We have talent and coaching. We just need more talent and for our young players to mature. Also some beat up players to get healthy. You may be surprised concerning A&M. These guys and coaches neither one are going to lay down for anyone.

    • Kevin

      I have a problem with the coaching. When teams have to go for it on 4th down numerous times during the course of the game, then that’s a breakdown in coaching. Trying to get the first on fourth down means the offense has not done their jobs on first, second, and third downs. Fourth down tries are risky; this means the coaches are gambling. Do you know what happens most of the time when you gamble? Well, I’ll tell you–you lose!! Going for it on fourth down a lot means the team isn’t very good. How often does LSU or Bama go for it on fourth down? Moreover, how many times did Auburn go for it on fourth down? Answer–not much.

      Talent leaves much to be desired especially in regard to many missed tackles, arm tackles, dropped passes, and our best RB is 5-foot-1 and 100 pounds. That’s not good. Face it dude, we’re a glorified JUCO team.

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  • REB

    You’re just not giving them enough time. Playing all those freshmen, talented as they are, is not a right away thing. Auburn didn’t have to rebuild but we do thanks to Houston Nutt. Stick with us Kevin, with the Lord’s help, everything will be fine.

    • Kevin

      I don’t believe the Lord is concerned about football. And you ask me to stick by the Rebels–where else will I go? I’ve been an Ole Miss fan for 43 years now–43 years of mediocrity and sucking and you think I’m about to jump ship? I’m just no longer deluded into the old mantra, which you’ve typed out in your latest comment. “Just wait until next year…” I’ve been hearing it since 1971, but next year never seems to come the way the fan base expects it to.

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