Rebels leery of sleep walking

By Parrish Alford

Daily Journal

OXFORD – For Ole Miss, the high of a stunning win against No. 6 LSU when the Rebels were without so many key players is followed by an emotional challenge.



The Rebels face a struggling Idaho team Saturday night at 6:30, and Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze wants to see more intensity than he saw in a 31-13 win over Southeast Missouri State in Week 2.

“On game day that week, the team just felt a little sleepy,” senior offensive lineman Emmanuel McCray said. “Because it happened against Southeast Missouri, I don’t think it will happen again this year.”

Many of the Rebels’ key players were on the field very little or not at all in the second half against Southeast Missouri.

Given the physical state of his team, that’s a scenario Freeze would like to duplicate against an Idaho squad that’s 1-6 under first-year coach Paul Petrino, getting outscored 43-16 on average.

The Rebels snapped a three-game losing streak with their next-to-last-play field goal from Andrew Ritter against LSU.

Ole Miss played without its two starting cornerbacks, and there’s no definitive word on the status of Mike Hilton, who missed the game with a hamstring injury, and Senquez Golson who was suspended.

Golson is back with the team for practice, but Freeze has not announced if the junior from Pascagoula will play Saturday.

Down the stretch

Ole Miss (4-3, 2-3 SEC) faced top 10 teams in three of its last four games and is now moving past the most difficult part of its schedule.

“As big as that (LSU) win was for us and the fan base, if we go out here and don’t show up against Idaho that win doesn’t really mean a lot,” quarterback Bo Wallace said. “We’ll prepare just like they’re any other team.”

Freeze intends to hammer home the intensity message.

“I didn’t think we did that real well when we had a game that they felt like we should win early on,” he said. “That will be clearly communicated all week.”

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  • Kevin

    “As big as that (LSU) win was for us and the fan base, if we go out here
    and don’t show up against Idaho that win doesn’t really mean a lot,”
    quarterback Bo Wallace said. “We’ll prepare just like they’re any other

    I posted the same thing on this forum several hours ago, and then my fan club came on here and told me that I’m an idiot and that I deserved torture for not being fanatic enough for their tastes. Well here’s the QB of the freaking team stating the obvious–if we don’t take care of business against Idaho High School, the LSU win won’t be jack squat!

  • REB

    Kevin,You say “WE” You ought to be ashamed to say that. You are clearly a Mi$$ $tate troll. But whats so funny is just about the team has been every predict your have made is dead wrong. I bet you can’t wait for another chance to tell us how Ole Miss sucks and how bad they are. What a loser!!!

    • Kevin

      Your predictions involving us going 3-0 vs. Bama, Auburn, and A&M also proved false. Why do you continue to insist that those critical of the team are in fact fans of some other team? Why are you so unreasonable? Why do you insist on manufacturing consensus to your worldview of fandom? Why are you like the Taliban?

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  • REB

    I dare you compare me with the Taliban. Those people are in line with Hitler. It takes an imbecile to make such a statement. I am in USA and have a right to my opinion and I will express it whenever and wherever I please. Just because you do not like the fact I have such a low opinion of two faced people people that berate someone and say that is going to help them is of no concern what so ever to me.

    • Kevin

      But REB, for the past three or four weeks, you’ve been trying to silence my opinion. That’s what makes you akin to the Taliban.

    • the_rocket

      Your first comment to Sir Kev clearly states that he has no right to post his opinion of how much the rebels suck, but your very next comment , although disjointedly and with really bad grammar, states that as an american, YOU have the right to say anything that you please. Please explain how your opinion as a “true” ole miss fan has more weight than those you deem non believers.