Rebels must regroup quickly for Auburn trip

Football stockBy Logan Lowery

Daily Journal

Ole Miss had high hopes when traveling to Tuscaloosa to take on defending national champion Alabama, having won five straight dating back to last year.

However, the Crimson Tide humbled the Rebels 25-0, ending a streak of 151 Ole Miss games with a score dating back to 1998.

Mississippi State can relate.

The Bulldogs ventured across the state line last season undefeated at 7-0 but not even a “We Believe” social media campaign was enough to dethrone Alabama in a 38-7 loss.

Now the 24th-ranked Rebels must regroup for another road test, against Auburn at 6 p.m. Saturday on ESPNU.

‘Difficult stretch’

“We have a difficult stretch of games and we can’t let this one get us next week,” Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze said after the loss to the Tide. “We have to go back and put it in the trash can tomorrow after we watch it and move on.”

Auburn is 3-1 on the year with all of its wins coming at home. The Tigers were off this past weekend following a 35-21 road loss to LSU on Sept. 21.

Following the trip to the plains, the Rebels will have a string of six straight at home in Oxford. In fact, Ole Miss will not leave Mississippi the rest of the regular season, with its final remaining road game being the Egg Bowl.

MSU (2-2) also enjoyed a bye week over the weekend prior to its 6 p.m. ESPN showdown with LSU (4-1) in Starkville on Saturday. The Bulldogs were given a three-day weekend off by coach Dan Mullen.

During his Sunday teleconference, Mullen said the utilization plan for quarterbacks Tyler Russell and Dak Prescott would be determined during the week.

“It’s always going to change from game-to-game,” Mullen said. “We’ll figure that out on game day when we have the final plan ready for LSU. But I do feel a lot more comfortable now that Dak has a couple of starts under his belt. Having two starting quarterbacks is a good problem to have. I feel pretty comfortable with both guys.”

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  • closeherdown

    Why did a story about the rebels transition into msu’s qb situation???

    • You might have noticed that each Monday during the football season, we write an Ole Miss-MSU combo story, a kind of stagesetter for what’s to come in college football this week. Parrish takes it one week, Logan the next. I hope that answers your question.

    • 38017reb

      Because this is a “MOO U” rag. What would you expect ?

  • Kevin

    I think the reference to MSU’s situation last season is apt. It’s very difficult for Mississippi teams to defeat the Laundry Detergent and historically this has remained true to form. It’s moreover difficult for Ole Miss to have success playing at Auburn. I could be mistaken, but I believe Ole Miss has only won twice at Auburn, once in 1999 in an OT game (Tuberville’s first season at AU), and once in 2003 when an Auburn receiver dropped a potential game-winning touchdown pass, thus giving us the game.

    I saw AU play against State College and LSU. They looked much better in the former contest. The letdown and humiliation suffered by the team this past weekend at Bama will likely translate into at least a three-game losing streak for the Rebs. Auburn will again embarrass us as we tumble way, way down destined for another hopelessly mediocre season record. I have to give Hugh Freeze credit. He predicted that the season would be mediocre in his many speaking engagements to alumni clubs. He should know and Rebel fans need to realize that we in no way have the talent for a 7 or 8 win record. The best we can hope for is an upset of LSU and to win the games we’re supposed to win against Troy High School and Idaho Institute for the Perpetually Sucky, and maybe we can squeak past the Cow College down south to close out the year on a positive note.

  • pdreb

    Kevin, why be so negative. Your prediction that the Rebels would be blown out the first half was a failure . And except for two defensive lapses on two runs in the second half, the game would have been much closer. Of course, our offense was a total dud thereby putting pressure on the defense to stay on he field and get worn down.

    Auburn is a win for us. Having watched them twice, they do no match up with us, their secondary is suspect and their offensive line has holes. Auburn is not Alabama so why don’t you stop with negative malarkey and enjoy being a Rebel, that is if you are one. You really sound more like a Dawg. Fan.

    • Kevin

      Your prediction that we’d beat the No. 1 ranked and back-to-back national champion Laundry Detergents failed. I don’t know which game you watched, but the game was virtually over by halftime, and a 25 point win is indeed a bloodbath. Ole Miss’s red zone effectiveness declined, Bama’s rushing game generated nearly 200 yards on the ground, Jeff Scott couldn’t buy a freaking yard, and we failed to score a point. So maybe in some dreamland bbq restaurant, it’s not a bloodbath. Regardless, I admire your positivity after the beat-down like the one I watched Saturday night.

      On negativity, I’m a lifelong Ole Miss fans who’s faced nearly 40 years of Ole Miss disappointment on the gridiron. I haven’t experienced much positivity in that time, so I know nothing but negativity. Moreover, believing we’ll lose every weekend makes for nice surprises when we do win. I’d rather be nicely surprised than hopelessly disappointed.

      My prediction for Saturday is that AU wears us out. It’ll be hard for us to recover from this loss and we’ll drop at least two more before we can turn the ship around against non-SEC foes.

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  • pdreb

    Kevin, you make a fool of yourself saying that I predicted the Rebels would beat Alabama. Why make a lie to counter my post? Game was over by the half with the score 9-0. Ridiculous comment.

    Fortunately I was there to see all the great years under Coach Vaught as I saw my first Rebel game on November 16,1938 at Crump Stadium in Memphis when Ole Miss beat Arkansas 20-14 in front of a full house of 16,000 fans.

    • Kevin

      I could see the way we played in the first half and realized we wouldn’t score at all. Bama was just too good, like they usually are. Auburn’s good, too, and they’ve had two weeks to prepare for us. It’ll be another loss and then the entire Rebel nation will be back to ground zero, getting geared up for a long, mediocre season. Vaught had some mediocre teams as well, but this was about a 12-year stretch and that’s it. After Vaught left, a good season followed by Vaught’s return and then he left again, and Ole Miss has been either really bad or very mediocre ever since. Our best chance to have a really good year was in 2003, and we dropped games to Tech and Memphis in addition to LSU. Being an Ole Miss fan means you have to endure disappointment. Positivity with this team is really foolish.

  • pdreb

    We won’t be losing to Auburn, Kevin. It’ll be fairly close but Rebels 31-21 is sensible.