Rebels’ Ward pleads guilty to DUI charge



Daily Journal

AMORY – Ole Miss football player Channing Ward has pleaded guilty to a DUI charge.

Ward, 21, of Aberdeen, was arrested Jan. 19 by the Mississippi Highway Patrol, and in court on Wednesday he entered a plea of guilty to DUI other substance and to no proof of liability insurance.

He was fined $1,234.50 for the DUI and must attend the Mississippi Alcohol Safety Education Program in order to regain his driver’s license, and he must also attend a Victim Impact Panel class.

Ward was also fined the minimum of $216.50 for the no proof of insurance charge after later providing the correct insurance. A charge of improper equipment was dismissed after Ward had a broken taillight repaired.

Ward, a rising junior, played in 12 games last season for the Rebels at defensive end and on special teams. He recorded 21 tackles and 1.5 tackles-for-loss.

As a senior at Aberdeen High School in 2010, Ward was named the Daily Journal Defensive Player of the Year and played in the Under Armour All-America Game. rated him a five-star prospect at the time.

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  • James Jericho

    Let’s see. The dude is a bench player and he’s been arrested.
    How exactly is he rising?
    Could you idiot sportswriters stop making up phrases that don’t describe anything? Rising junior?

    • Jack Makokov

      The phrase “rising junior” is used here because Ward is currently a sophomore and will be a junior next school term. It’s a common phrase, particularly in recruiting circles.

      Before ripping “idiot sportswriters for making up phrases,” why not do a bit of research before commenting?

      • James Jericho

        I did do my research. I used something called a dictionary. Please consider using one.
        It doesn’t matter if it’s common. It matters if it’s right.

        • bradlocke

          From the Oxford American Dictionary, one of the definitions of rising:

          • approaching a higher level, grade, age, etc. : a rising senior at North Carolina State.

          • James Jericho

            Interesting on two counts.
            1) By that logic, everybody is rising? Is Jack Makokov the “rising sports editor” at the Daily Journal because he spurts random thoughts? Am I the “rising boyfriend of Kate Upton”?
            In that sense, everybody is rising to something they have not accomplished. Newspapers are to deal in fact, not conjecture.
            2) How do we know Ward is going to be a junior? Has he passed his classes? Will the school punish him further for having an arrest record?
            We don’t know the answer. In that sense, the use of the phrase is wrong.
            Besides, sportswriters I know use the phrase to indicate he’s rising on the depth chart or a rising star in the program. Is there any indication that he is doing that? Not by what I see.
            He is currently a sophomore. He will be a sophomore until the school says otherwise. Call him a sophomore.

          • bradlocke

            I’ll be sure to inform the folks at Oxford American Dictionary that they’re wrong and should probably hire you.