Rebels won’t concede anything to A&M’s Manziel

Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M defeated Ole Miss last year, 30-27, despite six turnovers. (AP Photo/Beth Hall)

Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M defeated Ole Miss last year, 30-27, despite six turnovers. (AP Photo/Beth Hall)

By Parrish Alford

Daily Journal

OXFORD – Everyone isn’t buying the “Johnny Football will get his” mentality.

Led by Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel at quarterback, No. 9-ranked Texas A&M has scored at least 42 points in every game as the Aggies (4-1, 1-1 SEC) prepare to visit Ole Miss (3-2, 1-2) Saturday night.

It’s the rematch of A&M’s dramatic 30-27 fourth-quarter rally last year, a game Manziel has described as critical in the maturation of the Aggies collectively, and himself individually.

Manziel leads the SEC in total offense (360.6 ypg) and points responsible for (20.4). He ranks sixth nationally in both categories.

‘We have to answer’

Ole Miss quarterback Bo Wallace says it’s up to the Rebels’ offense to match his production.

“No doubt. No doubt about it,” Wallace said. “They’re (the defense)going to have to play against the best player in college football right now, and we know that. He’s going to put up a lot of points, and we have to answer with every drive we have.”

Ole Miss gave up 35 points in the opener against Vanderbilt but has since become more settled at cornerback and healthier with the return of outside linebacker Denzel Nkemdiche.

The Rebels’ defense has allowed 23 points in each of its last three games; Auburn scored on an interception return and Alabama had a safety.

Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze said the key to slowing Manziel is giving him varied looks.

“You have to be multiple. You can’t give him just one thing,” he said. “They’ll adjust if they get a bead on exactly what you’re doing.”

Linebacker Serderius Bryant isn’t ready to concede the end zone to Manziel.

“I have heart, and I feel like our defense can go out and compete with anybody in the country,” he said. “It will be hard to stop him, but if we maintain him, everything will fall into place. Our offense will do good, and everything will click from there.”

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  • Kevin

    Oh great, more locker room material. Freeze needs to put a clamp-down on his players talking to the media. Oh heck, what does it matter? We’re on our way to a 4-8 season anyway.

  • danny

    all you have is negativity go pull for aalabama and leave our team alone

    • Kevin

      My favorite teams include Ole Miss (my all time favorite team, I always want them to win); and then secondly, LSU’s opponent, and thirdly, Alabama’s opponent. If LSU and Alabama are playing each other, then I want them both to lose.

      What has positivity done for us lately?

  • pdreb

    Kevin, you are one of those guys that sits in the stands and complains a out every play call,,every defense set, gripe about the coaches and constantly whines. Why not turn that attitude around. You’ll feel much better for it.

    • Kevin

      pdreb, I don’t live in fantasy land and you do and this bothers you. You’re the guy on here who doesn’t realize what I do and that his team sucks. We’ve usually sucked and this is going to continue for the foreseeable future. You’re the kind of guy who looks through the world with rose-colored glasses, while I’m a realist. So it’s folks like you who think we’re going to win every game, even against the likes of Auburn and Alabama. While I see what’s really going to happen–more disappointment for the Rebel Nation. If the team wins games, then I’ll feel much better. The worst thing that I could do is expect the team to win when I know that’s not possible, which is just inviting disappointment. So you can take your soup of positivity and foist that onto the weak minded because that garbage isn’t working here.

  • REB

    This Kevin’s logic reminds me of what ole Abe said years ago. ” I rather keep silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

    • Kevin

      How am I a fool for pointing out that which is demonstrably true? Ole Miss has dropped two straight games and will lose the next one to A&M. Not only that, but in that two-game skid, the Rebs have not improved and played worse in each outing. So tell me how this is foolish?

  • REB

    Number 1. You think we are fool enough to believe you are a Ole Miss fan. Number 2. Ole Miss is rebuilding and everyone knows it but you. Every slip, every little thing you point out as they should just give up and disband the team. Who do you think you are fooling. I think you are Cid, a well known Mi$$ $tate troll. No one with an ounce of common sense could possibly think the way you do. Listening to you, we should just all throw up our hands and give up. NO THANKS YOU ARE FOOLING NO ONE AND NO ONE IS BUYING YOUR CRAP.

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