SEC sets fine structure for noisemaker violations

Mississippi State now knows just what kind of penalty it will face if its fans ring their cowbells at the wrong time.
The SEC’s athletics directors met Wednesday in Orlando and established a fine structure for teams that violate the league’s artificial noisemaker policy. A first offense results in a $5,000 fine, a second offense a $25,000 fine, and every offense beyond that a $50,000 fine.
Fines can carry over year to year. Once a school has gone three years without being fined, the slate will be wiped clean.
Earlier this summer, the SEC declared that MSU fans could legally bring cowbells into Davis Wade Stadium this fall as long as they rang them at certain times. Athletics Director Scott Stricklin is confident that the policy, which also applies to “institutionally controlled” noise – such as music over the loudspeakers and Alabama’s elephant roar – will be followed by MSU fans.
“Our fans have two great reasons, to the benefit of Mississippi State, to do it the right way: To have the opportunity to bring the cowbells in forever, and to keep our money working for Mississippi State and not going back over to Birmingham.”

Brad Locke/NEMS Daily Journal

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