Urchins’ no-look shot gets plenty of looks

basketball_icon_greenBy Brandon Speck

Daily Journal

East Union coach Tim McDonald didn’t want any distractions as his Urchins play in the Class 2A basketball playoffs.

Then his own son provided one, on a worldwide scale. But it’s a distraction no one will complain about or soon forget.

In Tuesday’s Division 1-2A Tournament home game against Hatley, freshman Ty McDonald got a loose ball in midair and while flying out of bounds, side-armed a shot across his body through the net as the halftime buzzer sounded.

The video went viral and was No. 3 on Wednesday’s ESPN SportsCenter Top 10.

“It’s unbelievable,” McDonald said of being on a show he watches almost daily. “Couldn’t imagine it.”

McDonald missed the back end of a one-and-one and chased the deflected ball after Chase Hall missed a putback. McDonald said he had just yelled to Hall, “Come on Cheeky, you gotta make that.”

The miss then made the video possible.

“I just fling it up there and somehow it goes in,” McDonald said. “Very surprised. I would say there’s a lot of luck involved, but I was aiming.”

Could he do it again?

“Maybe,” McDonald said. “But I highly doubt it.”

ESPN’s YouTube clip had surpassed 40,000 views by Friday morning.

There are plenty of overlooked observations because of what could be the national high school shot of the year.

Among the things people aren’t talking about:

• Seated on the baseline are Baldwyn coaches Jason McKay and Raymond Craven and point guard Conner McKay scouting playoff competition.

• McDonald may have even been fouled by Dru Stanford – it’s a perfect example of finishing a play.

• And don’t forget the guy who made sure it was all on video – Junior Graham.

The Urchins won by 32 and earned a North Tournament berth. Tim McDonald is thrilled his son made ESPN, but at the same time wants to keep the focus on the game. That said with a grin that no one could blame the coach for having over a rare feat from his own son.

“It’s been pretty crazy, phone blowing up, people you haven’t heard from in a while,” Tim said. “It’s a little surreal. You just don’t expect those type of things very often. Fortunately things came together, a lot of luck, the video guy and of course 21st century technology.”


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