Voice of ICC stays on the beam



By John L. Pitts

Daily Journal

Will Kollmeyer felt like he’d run a marathon when he got up Wednesday morning. Yet all he’d done the night before was sit and talk. And talk.

The radio voice of the Itawamba Community College athletic teams and his on-air partner, Jim Ingram, worked an unexpectedly long shift on Tuesday night as both ICC basketball teams went into double overtime in Fulton.

“It was unbelievable,” Kollmeyer said. “I don’t know if people understand how much it drains you, talking for 5 1/2 hours.”

Kollmeyer, a former TV sports anchor, is ICC’s director of media relations and sports marketing. His broadcasts are heard on WAFM-FM (95.7) and online at www.LetsGoICC.com.

“In community college basketball, you do everything – the pregame, the halftime, the postgame – all of it,” Kollmeyer said. “You just keep talking.”

The games

ICC’s women opened the night by losing 74-70 to East Mississippi in two OTs.

“I figured we’d have smooth sailing in the nightcap,” Kollmeyer said. “It didn’t work out like that. We had a 90-second break between the game broadcasts and off we went.”

The ICC men, who’re undefeated in North Division play, escaped with a 107-103 victory against East Mississippi.

“The men’s game was so much more difficult because of the pace of the thing,” Kollmeyer said. “I’m keeping a scorebook for myself and I look down to mark a basket and when I look up again they’re going down the lane on the other end.

“It was like NASCAR on the basketball court.”

He was able to take one quick break during the broadcast, but only one. “We had a 90-second commercial break and I asked the engineer in the studio to give me 30 more seconds,” Kollmeyer said. “That was it, though.”

Kollmeyer said he’s done one broadcast that was longer – a six-hour ICC baseball doubleheader a couple of years ago. “The pace of baseball is slower, though, so you can relax a little bit,” he said.


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