Wildlife Briefs May 25, 2012

By NEMS Daily Journal

Bake bass for healthy alternative to frying
Although the time-honored release into the grease will likely remain the most widely-favored method for preparing fish in the South, there are a great many flavors to be unlocked through other techniques. The flavor potential for baking is limited only by the imagination of the baker.
Try this combination and make seasoning modifications as you see fit.
Ingredients: fresh fish filets, olive oil, lemon juice, onions, cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt
Preparation: Cover a large baking pan with a sheet of heavy-duty foil that is slightly more than double the length of the pan and a bit wider as well. Center the foil over the pan and press the middle into the shape of the pan. Cover the pan portion with a film of olive oil. Season fish with the cayenne pepper, black pepper and salt if you like spicy food, adjusting the amount of cayenne pepper for overall heat.
Put the seasoned fish on top of the oiled foil keeping the filets one layer deep. Cut up several onions and put them on top of the fish, then put a generous amount of lemon juice over the lot. Wrap the overhanging ends and edges of the foil over the top of all of this and bake at 450 degrees for 45 minutes.
The result is excellent and healthy, and makes for pretty simple cleanup as well.

Largemouth bass stocked at Lake George, Dump Lake
The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, & Parks stocked approximately 46,000 largemouth bass fingerlings into Lake George and 16,000 into Dump Lake on May 16. Both of these oxbow lakes were formed by the Yazoo River and are located in Yazoo County, near Satartia.
Recent population assessments have indicated low numbers of young bass. The additional fish were added to help improve the fishery.
Daily Journal, wire reports

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