Queen Mother of Me-ism has at least 14 loyal subjects

Just because you can do something, isn’t always enough reason to do it. I don’t think Nadya Suleman, the California lady who gave birth to octuplets Jan. 26, really understands that concept. She delivered the brood prematurely — just over 30 weeks, with the help of some 46 medical professionals, according to published reports. Since all eight children were conceived by in-vitro fertilization, I think the fertility specialists who helped make all this happen also missed the memo. The father of the eight has not been publically identified. Eventually, he will and he’ll face a lot of questions too. The first one will likely be: “Why didn’t keep all your little swimmers in drydock?” Suleman says she wanted all these children to compensate for a lonely childhood. Asked how she will afford them, she has been quoted as saying she plans to go back to college this fall; “I’ll be able to afford them when I’m done with my schooling.” She speaks these brilliant words from her financially advantageous position of being single, unemployed, and living with her mother. Oh –I almost forgot: She also has six other children younger than eight. Her thought process apparently goes as follows: “Since I want it, I deserve it even if I can never pay for it. I’m entitled.” That Me-ism religion – “I’m for me and the heck with you” — is pretty widespread in society nowadays. Her attitude seems to be, “Gimme mine,” which of course means “Gimme yours.” That’s also pretty widespread in society nowadays. Left unanswered, of course are questions like who pays the medical bills, likely to run into millions of dollars for mother and babies. Also, how can 14 children under age eight be adequately cared for by someone so totally unprepared? Also, premature babies have a higher than average risks of developmental and other disorders, including cerebral palsy. Gee, isn’t this beginning to sound like the current mortgage crisis? You know, where “I want it, so I’m entitled to have it” replaced “Well, no matter how much I want this, I really can’t afford it.” “Gimme mine — whether it’s kids I can’t afford or a house I can’t afford. I’m me, and I’m entitled. Get out of my way.” And now it’s “gimme yours,” as in “gimme your tax dollars to pay for all this.” These eight births demonstrate how irresponsible it is for doctors and would-be parents alike — to allow these things to happen just because medical science can push nature’s boundaries. But hey – “Gimme mine.” These eight newly-arrived children deserve the same thing any other children should have: — a loving and caring home. Their arrival should be cause for celebration. But there is no celebration to be found here. These youngsters were conceived on a whim by a woman who doesn’t have enough time, love or money to care for them. Their mother doesn’t care about all that. She just wanted kids. If the kids face physical, mental or emotional problems, well, who cares? That’s their problem. She wanted kids, and wanting them entitled her to have them. “Gimme mine – all 14 of ‘em.”

Hank Wiesner/Southern Sentinel