Dear Sir: It has been 12 years since the brutal beating and robbery of my precious loved one. On Feb. 12, 1997, Melvin Jackson was beaten beyond recognition and left for dear in his car shed in Tiplersville. My heart still aches from the pain and agony I know that he had to go through as he tried to fend for his life. I am writing this letter mainly because I made a promise to my Paw-Paw Jackson that I plan to keep until my last breath. I also write this letter in hopes that it may reach the eyes of the person or persons that committed this horrible crime or even to the eyes of people who may be afraid to tell what they know about this crime. Time has lapsed hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly but my pain, my broken heart and the memory of having to say goodbye to my Paw-Paw Jackson has left a hurt in my heart that has not healed yet and never will until we meet again in heaven. February is a hard month for me every year. For you see, when I visited him in the hospital, I held his black and blue beaten hand and quietly told him, “Paw, don’t worry, we will find who did this to your.” I made a promise to him on his dying bed and I plan to honor that promise until the day I take my last breath. As a hurting grandchild, I will never give up on trying to find the person who not only robbed my Paw-Paw Jackson and beat him beyond recognition, but who also robbed me and my family of precious memories that we could have continued to have until you chose to intervene and change our lives forever. My Father God has been my comforter, my hope, and my peace during this difficult time. At first I was angry, bitter, and had hate in my heart for you who committed this crime. However, I realized that made me as evil as you. I know God’s Holy Word tells us that, you must forgive others before Christ can forgive you. I now find myself praying for you and hoping that you will find a relationship with my Father God and there will be a confession of guilt, true repentance, and a changed heart before you meet your maker. Hell is real my friend and time is near. The only thing I really want now more that anything is to meet you face to face and simply ask you WHY? What did he ever do to you to be treated this way? Was it for money? Did the money bring you happiness and joy? Do you have a grandfather? What if this had been your grandfather? Paw-Paw Jackson was a person that had a caring and loving heart and would have helped you had just asked him. I don’t understand how you can live day by day with the guilt and your bloodstained hands and have joy and peace in you life. What is life without peace and joy? Justice may not be served here on earth, but your maker will see that justice is served when the time comes. “Vengeance is min saith the Lord.” God is a God of love and a God of justice. I hope before I see Paw-Jackson again in heaven, I can tell him I kept my promise with a smile on my face and real peace in my heart. Closure is what I need to put this horrible tragedy behind me. I plead and beg to anyone that may be able to help solve this crime please contact Tippah County Sheriff’s department if you have any information concerning this crime. 837-9336. With love for Paw Charlotte Red Senatobia, Miss.

Southern Sentinel