Blue Mtn. aldermen: Uniform cleaning changes to save town $1K anually

BLUE MOUNTAIN – Blue Mountain’s mayor and Board of Aldermen held their monthly meeting Thursday, Jan. 8, 2009. Present were Mayor Edward Burge, Aldermen Gene Lansdell, Jim Kelly, Ken Phillips, Carol Robbins, Attorney Joe Gay, City Clerk Jo Ann Yale, and Police Chief Mac Lowrey. Also present were Charles Davis and Jack Griffith. Mayor Burge called the meeting to order. Ken Phillips led the opening prayer. After that, aldermen: – Approved the Dec. 4, 2008 minutes of the regular meeting. – Approved claims docket #610, which was not previously approved on Dec. 31, 2008, and approved Jan ’09 claims docket #587-#609 and #611-#629. The board voted to rescind $605 on November claims docket #515. – Reviewed income and expense statement for period ending 31 Dec. 2008. – Heard a review of the 2007-2008 audit report from Charles Davis of Lindsey, Davis, and Caviness. Aldermen approved the report. – Approved Griffith applying for a CAP Loan in the amount of $125,000. Attorney Gay is to write a Resolution of Intent for the loan application. Griffith stated that he also needed a motion made to approve submitting Inv. #4 for Prarie Construction on the Lagoon Project. The motion to approve was granted. – Authorized Town Clerk Jo Ann Yale to initiate a change to the current uniform cleaning contract. Lease program would result in a cost saving of $91.16 per month. The board authorized the Town Clerk changing the uniform contract from weekly cleaning services to a monthly lease. – Heard from Chief Lowrey, who briefed the board on status of new police cruiser. The 2002 Crown Vic purchased in early December was involved in a traffic accident on Dec. 29, 2008. The estimate received from J’s Place of New Albany is $2,627. Chief Lowrey suggested that the board consider using parts from the 2000 Crown Vic for repairs in lieu of selling as is. Labor would be about the same as the town’s deductible. Aldermen approved using parts from the 2000 Crown as needed now and hold for possible later needs. – Authorized Attorney Gay to start action to immediately initiate annexation proceedings. – Discussed changing the current water deposits to a non-refundable fee. This topic had been tabled at the December 2008 regular board meeting. The board reviewed the cost of new meters, cost of supplies, and labor and concluded that the current meter tap fees are inadequate. Additionally, many municipalities now charge a non-refundable fee for utilities connections. The board requested Attorney Gay write a resolution changing the terms of service and setting forth the revised fees. – Approved contracting with Donald Smith Co. to perform annual pump test and maintenance of two wells with turbine pumps for $600. – Considered adjusting water bills that were incurred prior to the date set by board policy during the Dec. 4, 2008 board meeting. The bills included Caldwell-leak (repair 12/2) billed 11/30/08 $117.08; average $35.82; Orman-water leak-billed $189.19; average $29.47; Erby-billed $252.98; average $40.95; Hearn-leak billed $189.19; average $29.47. Aldermen voted that adjustments will be made on water usage. Aldermen also said that as passed during the Dec. 4, 2008 meeting, no future adjustments will be made on water usage. – Discussed buying truck for water/street dept., but took no action. – Discussed Cong, Childer’s proposed stimulus plan, but took no action. – Opened tank bids. The winning bid on the two fuel tanks was by Mike Drewery at $222. Bids were as follows Mike Drewery, $222; James Colyer and Stafford Development, each bidding $200; Stan Irwin $180; and Gary Stokes $90. On a motion by Jim Kelly, seconded by Gene Lansdell, and passed by all the meeting was recessed until Jan. 16, 2008. During the Jan. 16 meeting, the board took the following actions: – Approved a change order as submitted by ESI on the lagoon project. – Chose a 10-year term of repayment on the CAP loan. – Tabled the topic of whether the town should purchase Mississippi Municipal Liability Plan uninsured motorist insurance coverage.

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