EDITORIAL: Now here’s some intelligent use of your federal tax dollars

The Blue Mountain and Walnut police departments received grants in Jackson Thursday morning of last week. The 90/10 federal block grants require a 10 percent match. The grants are specifically designed for smaller municipalities. Each department received a grant of about $5,000. Walnut’s grant will go toward purchase of three new video cameras for department vehicles. Blue Mountain’s grant will be used to purchase various police equipment, including GPS devices, first aid and fire equipment, storage consoles for vehicles and a new siren for the department’s newest vehicle. Meanwhile, the Ripley Police Department expects to receive about $12,000 in federal stimulus funds from the Community Oriented Policing Services in the American Recovery and Re-Investment Act. That money will go toward obtaining a new patrol car These federal block grants and stimulus funds will pay for basic down-on-the-street law enforcement. It’s the sort of law enforcement that makes for safer streets where you live and raise your family. Arguments rage whether billions of tax dollars should go to bail out huge corporations whose top executives receive bonuses while they led their companies off the edge of a cliff. There’s no argument about these police grant tax dollars, however, because they’re making our world better right here at home.

Southern Sentinel