Blue Mtn. aldermen urged to enforce property clean-up

BLUE MOUNTAIN – Blue Mountain’s mayor and aldermen took the following actions during their March meeting, according to the most recently available board minutes. Present were Mayor Edward Burge, Aldermen Gene Lansdell, Suellen Estes, Jim Kelly, Ken Phillips and Carol Robbins, Attorney Joe Gay, City Clerk Jo Ann Yale, and Police Chief Mac Lowrey. Also Present was Jack Griffith. Mayor Burge called the meeting to order. Opening prayer was offered by Suellen Estes. 1. The minutes of the Feb. 5, 2009 and Feb. 10, 2009, meeting of the mayor and Board of Aldermen were unanimously approved. 2. The Board unanimously approved Claims Docket #678 – 716. 3. The board members reviewed the Income and Expense Statement for the period ending 28 February, 2009. 4. Jack Griffith requested authority to file invoice #6 for Prairie Construction Co., LLC in the amount of $145,410.68. The board unanimously approved Griffith filing the stated invoices for drawdown. 5. Mayor Burge briefed the board on water pressure problems on the property of Gary Linville. The board asked the mayor to gather the information needed to arrive at the most efficient and cost effective means of fixing the problem. The matter was tabled until requested information is received. 6. The city clerk asked the board to approve the purchase of BBI, Inc. Budgetary Accounting and Payroll software at a cost of $4,190. This software program would interface with the town’s current water billing program and be more cost effective in time management and dollars spent on accounting support. The board unanimously approved the request. 7, Residents on Railroad Ave/Hwy 2 are requesting assistance of the board to enforce a clean-up of the Good property on Roosevelt Street. Those board members who can will meet tomorrow, March 6, 2009, to drive around the Town to determine what other properties should be cited for blight violations. The board requested that any town ordinances that pertained to property maintenance/cleanliness be presented at the regular meeting of the mayor and board of aldermen on April 2, 2009. The matter will be reviewed at that meeting. 8. Mayor Burge asked the board members if they wanted to have a town-sponsored Memorial Day Service again this year. All members agreed and charged the City Hall staff with planning for a ceremony on May 24, 2009. 9. Police Chief Mac Lowrey asked the board to authorize an advance expenditure from General Funds pending reimbursement from the Justice Assistance Grant the Police Department recently received. The funds have to be expended prior to reimbursement from grant monies. The board unanimously approved the request. Chief Lowrey also asked that the board approve the department making application on the COPS grant. This grant would reimburse the town the salary of a full-time officer for three years. At the end of the third year, the town would be obligated to hire and pay that officer for one more year. The Board unanimously approved Chief Lowrey applying for the grant with Will Rogers assisting in the writing of same. 10. On a motion by Ken Phillips, seconded by Gene Lansdell, the board voted to adjourn the meeting until the regular meeting of April 2, 2009.

Hank Wiesner/Southern Sentinel