Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir: Did we Southerners enjoy being invaded, occupied and reconstructed 150 years ago? What makes us believe the Iraqis and Afghans are any different (except Confederate soldiers never hid behind their women and children.) I wonder why we are spending trillions of our grandchildren’s money to do “bail-outs” and “nation-building” for people who hate us. Since it was 16 Saudis that bombed our Twin Towers, why didn’t we just bomb out two buildings in Saudi Arabia (the Saudis understand “eye for eye” justice) and then fly home. Defense is what the U. S. Military is designed for, not charity (leave charity to our churches so Jesus gets the credit). Some people – primarily Iraqi-first and Afghanistan-first patriots – will dislike this letter. Why? I guess because it comes from the heart of an America-first patriot. And if we think we are going to reform the children of Ishmael we need to re-read Genesis 16:12 – a 4,000-year-old prophecy that proves the Bible’s infallibility. Obama needs to get us out of these wars… yesterday! Sincerely, Bob Craig Ripley, Miss.

Southern Sentinel