Ripley run-off results: a winner, a loser, and a race too close to call

RIPLEY— Three incumbents fought for their political lives in Ripley’s primary run-off election Tuesday, May 19. One won his fight, another lost, and the third race remained too close to call Tuesday night. . The three aldermen’s races went as follows, according to virtually complete but unofficial results about 10 p.m. Tuesday. The figures include absentee ballots, but not four affidavit ballots, which were to be counted Wednesday morning. — Joey Bryant led incumbent Ward 1 Alderman Sherill McCoy 266-263, with the four affidavit ballots yet to be counted. Whatever the result, a recount is likely, several veteran political observers opined Tuesday night. –Homer Richardson defeated Ward 2 incumbent Randy Windham 212-162. –Alderman at Large incumbent Bonnie Caviness defeated Ken McCoy 878-516. Caviness defeated McCoy for the office four years ago. A total of 1,220 people balloted in Tuesday’s run-off. The turnout represented about 30.30 of the city’s 4,027 registered voters. In primary balloting earlier this month, Sherill McCoy outpolled Joey Bryant 270-169, Randy Windham trailed Homer Richardson 140-130, and Bonnie Caviness outpolled Ken McCoy 852-714. The absentee balloting period for the three run-off races began Friday, May 8, and concluded Saturday, May 16 at noon. Victory in the primary earlier this month, or Tuesday’s primary run-off, is tantamount to election or re-election. There will be no election Tuesday, June 2 in Ripley, since no Republicans or Independents are seeking office. The polls were open from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Touch-screen voting machines rented from the county were used. All precincts voted in the park gym. Newly elected, or re-elected, city officials take office Monday, July 6. Meanwhile, elections will be held Tuesday, June 2 in Blue Mountain, Dumas, and Walnut. The five highest vote-getters win, town officials said. No election will be held in Falkner, since the incumbent mayor and aldermen have qualified to seek re-election, and they have no opposition, town officials said Monday. Candidates in all four towns are running as independents. There are no wards. Ripley results Alderman, Ward 1 4 affidavits will be counted Wednesday, 20 May 2009. Sherill McCoy, D 263 Joey Bryant, D 266 Alderman, Ward 2 Homer Richardson, D 212 — WINNER! Randy Windham, I 162 Alderman at Large Bonnie Caviness, D (i) 878 — WINNER! Ken McCoy, D 516 Click here for link to election page with results all over Northeast Mississippi.

Hank Wiesner/Southern Sentinel