Fun is the key word at Walnut basketball camp

WALNUT — Earlier this week, approximately 60 Walnut youths participated in the Walnut Wildcat FUNdamental Camp, held at the elementary and high school gyms at the school. Coach Larry Tribble and the Lady Wildcat basketball team taught campers from kindergarten through 6th grade the basic fundamental skills of shooting, dribbling, and passing. The camp is in its fourth year. “We’ve got a great group of future stars here,” said Tribble. “We try to make it fun for the kids because the first part of fundamental is F-U-N. They get a fun look at basketball, and I think they look forward to it.” “Teaching them the mental side of basketball and the proper way to play is what we try to do. They aren’t there yet, but they are a lot better than what they were.” Tribble added that the kids learn a lot from his Lady Wildcat players. Upcoming senior Jennalee Dollar has worked at the camp since its inception and said she enjoys working with youngsters at the camp. “I like being around the kids because they are a lot of fun,” said Dollar, who works with grades 4 -6. “I really enjoy teaching the skills I know about basketball, and I think they get a lot out of coming to camp.” According to Dollar, one particular activity the young campers enjoy is the hotshot competition, a competitive game where the kids shoot from different spots on the court, attempting to eliminate their opponents. “They enjoy hotshot because they like to compete,” added Dollar. “They are real competitive about everything.” This is the second year for sophomore Sabrina Colom to volunteer with the camp. She said she enjoys the camp because it goes a long way in helping the youngsters become better basketball players. Said Colom: “I look forward to teaching the kids to play like we do. They always respond well to the teaching, and I just enjoy helping them become better players.”

Kedrick Storey/Southern Sentinel