Election results: Three new mayors in Tippah towns

TIPPAH COUNTY – The old song is “There’ll Be Some Changes Made.” When voters in Blue Mountain, Dumas, and Walnut finished speaking Tuesday, there were changes a-plenty. After all the votes were counted, there were new mayors in all three municipalities, along with enough new aldermen to change voting majorities in Blue Mountain and Walnut. No election was held in Falkner, since the incumbent mayor and aldermen qualified to seek re-election, and they had no opposition. Candidates in all four towns ran as independents. There are no wards. Paper ballots were used in all three towns. The five highest vote-getters won, town officials said. Here’s a list of who ran, and who won office, in each town, according to official election results obtained Thursday. An (I) denotes incumbent. –Blue Mountain: In the race for mayor, Doug Norton defeated incumbent Mayor Edward Burge 144-115, according to town election officials. Elected as aldermen were David Akins with 140 votes, Jerold Akins with 151, Linda Dowdy with 125, Gene Lansdell (I) with 139, and Jeff Pipkin with 216. Other candidates and their totals are Lisa Causey with 32 votes, James Couch with 26, John Formsma with 58, Amanda Johnson with 67, James Kelly, Jr., (I) with 35, Carol Robbins (I) with 96, Michael Pope, Jr., with 72, and Ken Phillips (I) with 42. –Dumas: Elected as mayor was Bradley S. Lawson with 79 votes. Elected as aldermen were Richard Lawson with 75 votes, Nell Self (I) with 71, Bobby Jones (I) with 67, Frances Mask with 47 and Patsy Davis (I) with 72. Vivien Richardson received 35 votes. –Falkner: The town mayor is Doyle Griffin, and the aldermen are Gary Bullock, L. D. Hudson, Tommy Labarreare, Mike McMillin, and Susan Rutherford. –Walnut: In the race for mayor, political newcomer Vicki Skinner defeated incumbent Wallace Bell 144-135. Elected as aldermen: Scott Pulliam (I) 219 votes, Greg James 183, William David Nabors (I) 181, Michael (Skip) Wyse 135, and Edward M. (Mickey) Martindale 127. Other candidates and their totals were Whitley Ray Heaston (I) 124, David Pickens 98, Helen Still 53, Tim Trammel 38.

Hank Wiesner/Southern Sentinel