Letter to the Editor

Dear sir: I recently learned of a group of people that are walking around Tippah county with GPS units. They are claiming to be from the U.S. Census. I have read, that in the US Constitution, the census is every 10 years, which when it was enacted will make the actual census in 2010. This led me to do more research. I have now confirmed that these people are in fact NOT from the census, and work for a private organization called ACORN, an organization that is privately owned by our president. Further research into this indicates that this GPS marking may be for the purpose of gun confiscation. Do not answer their questions, and do NOT let them “paint” your house. You Army & Marine veterans know what I mean when I say they are “painting” your house. Have them arrested for trespassing. This is how you fight back against these people. They came after our children, now 80 million of our unborn are dead, four times more than Stalin. They came after our liberty with the unPatriot Act. They came after our economy when they allowed the privately-owned Federal Reserve to print 13 trillion dollars, and sent $2.5 trillion to offshore banks, and assessed We the People as collateral on that debt. Now, they are coming after our guns. Get ready. We’re all “right wing extremists,” now, as CNN & Faux News calls us. I am in fact, honored to be called a “right wing extremist”, I’m glad that the Yankee conglomerate Pentagon-run media thinks so highly of us. “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” – Thomas Jefferson May God’s will be done. S/ Jonathan (J.D.) Meadows Ripley, Miss. Send complaints, and death threats to; jonthesavage@kore-net.com

Southern Sentinel