Shooter’s camp held at Blue Mountain College

BLUE MOUNTAIN — This week, several area junior high girls participated in the first-ever Blue Mountain College Shooter’s Camp at Tyler Gymnasium. The five-day camp began on Monday and was open to girls in grades 6-8. Unlike regular basketball camps, where numerous aspects of the game are covered, a shooting camp puts the focus on correcting a player’s shot by correcting shooting form according to camp founder and director Lavon Driskoll. Driskoll is the head women’s coach and athletic director for the school. He said he was prompted to start the camp after seeing a decline in shooting percentages across the board in basketball. “Proper shooting and the mid-range game is becoming a lost art in today’s game,” said Driskoll, who has been coaching since 1973. “This week we’ve worked hard on breaking bad shooting habits and teaching them the proper form. If we can get them to use the right form every time, they’ll become better shooters.” Driskoll opened the camp to junior high players because he said the best time to adjust technique is early in their career. He said the campers have participated in drills designed to show them why they are missing the shot so they can correct it. “It’s a great time to catch them, while they’re young,” said Driskoll. “Hopefully they will take what they learn this week with them. We give them the tools and hopefully they will continue to work hard to become great shooters.” Only 10 girls were at the camp, but Driskoll said that was a good number. He added that he wanted to keep the numbers low in the first year, and if things went well enough, he would open it up to more players in the future. Junior high schools represented at the camp included Ripley, New Albany, East Union, and Booneville. Ripley Middle School seventh grader Alison Nance said the camp has been a huge help to her game. “I really enjoyed the camp,” said Nance. “I’ve had more fun at this camp than any other camp I’ve been to. We practiced a lot on our form and I think it really helped me a lot. Me and my mom have noticed a big difference.” This is the second summer camp for Driskoll and BMC. Earlier this month, the school hosted a four-day camp for high school players. Concluded Driskoll: “It’s been a fun week, the players have worked hard and I’ve seen a lot of improvement.”

Kedrick Storey/Southern Sentinel