In South Tippah, money would finance major construction

RIPLEY – The South Tippah School District has applied for about $2.1 million in federal stimulus funds, and plans to use the money – if received – for improvements to Blue Mountain, Pine Grove, and the Oscar Shannon facility in Ripley, South Tippah School Board President David Duncan said this week. An article in the Weekend Sentinel indicated the school board planned to borrow about $2.1 million. Further details of the plan weren’t available at that time from district officials. Specifically, the federal money would finance construction of a Blue Mountain cafeteria, pay for construction of a Pine Grove activities building, and pay for replacing roofs for GED and classroom buildings. The money could also be used to build new Ripley Elementary classrooms, Duncan said. The South Tippah School District recently voted to participate in the America Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA), better known as “Stimulus Package,” that makes funding available to each school district for the purposes of constructing, remodeling, upgrading, and/or equipping of facilities, and for the purchase of land for such facilities. According to Duncan, the terms of these special loans are as follows: –The school district has proposed to borrow approximately $2.1 million of the ARRA (Stimulus) money. If approved for the loan, the following rules apply: *The money will be made available to the school district interest free (no interest).

Hank Wiesner/Southern Sentinel