Police ask residents to beware of donation scam

RIPLEY – Ripley police are advising area residents to beware of a scam centering around bogus police donations, Police Investigator Scott Watson said this week. Police said several city residents have reported the scam calls. Police have received no reports of anyone being victimized by the scam so far, Watson said. “There is a phone scam going around the area at this time where someone calls, saying they are representing the local police department. They ask you to choose a donation amount and say they will send you a package COD, but they won’t say what is in the package. “One of the phone numbers that show up on caller id is 1-800-505-0391,” Watson said. He said there is a web site, http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-800-505-0391, where citizens can make a report of the scam. “This is not the only 1-800 number that is being used for the same scam. The people calling will tell you the money goes to families of slain or injured law enforcement officers. There are legitimate law enforcement organizations that do call and ask for support, but they would never have you pay COD for a package without telling you what’s in it, “the investigator said.

Southern Sentinel