charges follow shooting threat by RHS student

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Charges follow shooting threat by RHS student RIPLEY – A 14-year old Ripley High School student faces Tippah County Youth Court misdemeanor charges of disturbance of a public school after he reportedly threatened to shoot someone, Ripley Police Chief Scott White said this week.

The case remains under investigation, police said.

The 9th grader was taken into custody without incident when he showed up for school Monday morning. No weapon was found. A pistol and rifle owned by his brother were found at the student’s house and confiscated, Chief White said.

The student was released to his mother by order of the Youth Court judge.

School officials declined to say Tuesday morning if the student had been suspended or expelled from school in connection with the incident. Said Principal Jeff Palmer: “The student is not here presently, and the situation is being dealt with.” He declined further comment. Said Superintendent Frank Campbell: “The situation is still under investigation, and no decision has been made. ”

Said Chief White: “I received a call Friday night from a teacher that a student had told a coach he would bring a gun to school. We were waiting at school Monday when the student arrived. He was removed from the classroom, transported to the Police Department, and his residence was searched,” Chief White aid.

Police Investigator Scott Watson said the search revealed a loaded 9 mm Hi-Point semiautomatic pistol with no round in the chamber, secured with a functioning triggerlock, and an unloaded bolt-action 1943 Mosin Nagant Russian sniper rifle with a built-in clip. Both were confiscated from the student’s brother’s room, the investigator said. A computer and hard drive were also confiscated, and are being examined for evidence.

Watson said his investigation indicated the student asked the coach where the abdomen is. The student told the coach he had been researching school shootings and was going to shoot someone in the abdomen, but that it would not be the coach. The coach reported it to his supervisors, and police were then notified.

Said Chief White: “We have zero tolerance for this type of situation. We will react swiftly to any occasion of this type.”


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