ST trustees honor one of their own on retirement

By Hank Weisner

Southern Sentinel

RIPLEY – South Tippah School Board trustees took care of the following items of business during their meeting Monday, Dec. 10. The board:

–Approved the following donations:

Ripley High School, $421 check from RHS Cross Country Boosters; Ripley High School, suits for swim team and caps for swim team valued at $562 from Michael and Melinda Dees; Blue Mountain, two $500 donations from Wal Mart to the Athletic Department.

–Approved an RHS Band donut sale as a fundraiser.

–Approved the following field trips:

Blue Mountain Pre-K – 6 to New Albany Movie Reel as a reward for a fund raiser; Ripley Elementary for RES Gifted to Nutcracker and Mt. Fuji to engage in performing arts and cultural differences; Ripley Elementary School for Ripley Boys and Girls Club to Corinth Skate World.

–Hired David Stafford, Brittney Bryant, Walter Hardaway, Judy Huddleston, Vennie Zorzoli, Haley Crawford, and Elizabeth Bartleson as substitute teachers at Ripley Elementary.

–Hired Bridget Truell, Stan Kuykendall, Lisa Burks, Candace Davis, and Tracy Boler as substitute teachers at Pine Grove.

–Hired Stan Kuykendall and Kayla Otts Reno as substitute teachers at Blue Mountain.

–Hired Paulette Mauney as a substitute at Ripley Middle School.

–Released Chistopher Blackmon to attend the North Tippah School District for 2012-2013.

–Approved a resolution in honor of Wayne Steverson who is retiring as a member of the Board of Trustees of the South Tippah School District effective Dec. 31, 2012. Steverson served as a member of the Board of Trustees of the South Tippah School District since Jan. 1, 2008, and did not seek re-election. The resolution was spread on the minutes of the South Tippah School Board and a copy delivered to Steverson.

–Hired Martina Morfin as a translator.

–Hired Brenda Miller as a cafeteria worker.

–Hired Martha Kent as a long-term teacher substitute at Blue Mountain School.

–Hired Kelly Gates, lead teacher; Susan Roberts as substitute teacher; Kemberly Johnson as substitute assistant; Riley Bennett, Jr. as student tutor; and Jose Valle as student tutor for the 21st Century Grant.